What People Say since our model-a-day plan started

Thank you once again. I hope that marketing plan "C" keeps everything going for a long long time. I have really enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) both the paper models and the extreme wealth of information contained on each of your pages. Each is an education and a joy to read and research. Kind Regard, David Long

I know you guys and/or gals are very busy, so I hate to send excess email to you, but I just felt like I needed to give you a big thank you for all the hard work you put into the models.
 I'm sure (if you're making any money) if must be very little; so you must be doing it for the love of creativity and the hobby itself. What can one say about getting terrific "FREE" models.
I was working with my Grandson today when out of the blue he said, "Pop I think I just found a new hobby".  He really enjoyed us working together and that he was able to do a lot of the cut out himself.  He's 8 years all and an all around great young man. Thanks so very much, Dan,,,

(reply) OMG you are so right !!! Very little money few sure
Love of cardmodeling and passion for the art. Add....Dedicated to furthering the World's Aviation Heritage through simple, inexpensive card modeling for the next thousand years. Perhaps,,, just perhaps, he loves and enjoys precious moments hanging with his Grandpa. hug !!!

Fiddlers Green represents an island of positive output in a sea of troubles for myself and others of similar thought during these troubled times and I hope is deeply appreciated by many as such. The opportunity to create something for so little is a wonderful thing and a great way to escape the stress of life. Thank you again for providing that opportunity. Plane Crazy Bill

I just wanted to thank you for the free models.  I just found out about your site (link from the cumulus soaring e-newsletter) and I am new to paper modeling, but I figure I will give it a try.  Unemployed at the moment, so it is really cool that it is free to try.  Looking forward to the ASW-20 when it is finished.  All the info and history you provide on the models' pages is great as well.  You probably get enough requests to last you a lifetime, but I thought of a couple different ones that you might have an interest in: mountain trams like the one at Jackson Hole or the Aguile du Midi in Chamonix, France, and perhaps a snowcat manufactured by Pisten Bully or Bombardier.Thanks again and enjoy those Arizona sunsets, Jim Hillmar

My grandson printed out the parts for the B-24.  He has the fuselage just about completed.  Very little help from me.  It looks great.  Thanks for this Great opportunity for me to bond with my grandson.

Chip:  Thanks for doing what you are doing.  It's a blast to see what you are making available for download.  Now where will I find the time to build all those great models?  We will find the time somewhere, just too much fun.  Watch NCAA BB and build Chip's models.  Ivan

Dear Chip, Its hell when you get old.  I have to check my drivers licence each morning just to see who I am.  Memory is shot and fingers don't work so well, either.  But I still build an airplane or two once in a while.  My doctor tells me its good therapy.  What the hell does that pecker checker know?  Its one step removed from paper dolls....  

 But you deserve a thank you for getting my account straightened out on the password.  I couldn't recall if I had an account.  Didn't remember one but no matter.  Its fixed now.  I even wrote it down..., I think.  Now, as to the free model until March 17.  I have looked all over for the Flying Tank and cannot see anywhere to download short of purchase and even that didn't show up.  OK, what am I doing wrong here.  I'm no computer expert so don't be afraid to kick me.  

Thanks again for helping out and of course, for all the hard work on the card models and not least for putting up with my aging, boring and pretentious problems. All Best Regards, Mike Clagett
Hey Chip, just thought I'd send these to you as a thank you. I'm not sure if you'd want to use them for the page or just to take a look, but they're yours to do with as you see fit. Also, I must say it really is amazing how the little things like your little photos or histories in between parts can make the build process so much more enjoyable. Keep it up! :) Elliot Alder

Thanks for the Magic Keys! As a scale plastic modeler for the past 30+ years I have enjoyed trying card models and I thank you for that. Your website and designs have made my intro easy, and most importantly, fun! I'll be subscribing soon for more Magic Keys.Thanks again! -Joseph

Thank you for your efforts in paper modeling. I've greatly enjoyed building them for the last three years. I also branched out into a number of sites for my models but Fiddlers Green remains my main one. Mike

My teenaged boys and I really like your models.  They make great learning tools for school and make handsome models.  I have already had a bunch of high school kids come over and build school projects from your models.  They not only learned about the models history, (which I think is wonderful how you add information about each model) but also it was there first paper model ever.  To say the least they are ecstatic that they could build models from paper and enjoy doing it.  Just to let you know they received high grades for their projects and the Word Is Out about Fiddlers Green Paper Models Web Site. Again, Thank You and Great Job Guys. Dan

OK Chip you got me. Either I couldn't resist or I felt guilty for the free downloads so I purchased 3 mos of Magic Keys today. I know I will never build most of the freebies but it seems that shortly after I buy something it comes up as free about a week later. So I'll give it a go. John Oszajca

Yes, I did “get the recent Douglas Skystreak and Hawker Typhoon last week” – they are great!
The subscription to “Magic Key(s)” has been well worth while to me – the only thing that I regret is that I hadn't’t “done this” a little sooner! KEN

In the few weeks that we have been building, we have an air force of 28 models.  This is the greatest hobby for us.  This keeps us real close.  We have come up with a technique for making the propellers spin.  I have given 2 models away.  Your models are FANTASTIC, thanks. I have been a strong endorser of your models and Will continue to do so as I believe that your products are the best available anywhere. Best

I'm very happy with the quality & ease of construction of your models keep up the great work. Noel