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Atlas ICBM Model...
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Author:  ScaleAero [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:06 am ]
Post subject:  Atlas ICBM Model...

[size=150]Last summer I acquired the molds and fixtures for a 1:12 r/c C-133. These transported
ICBM all across the country back in the 60's. While most of us are averse to all things
dooms day...It is still a historical period where these weapons of mass destruction did
serve their purpose saving humanity from doing itself in.

It would be fabulous to assemble an enlarged bottom half of Convair Atlas which could
be seen when the rear ramp is open on the C-133. Thinking there has to be someone
out there who drew a high resolution pdf of the Atlas...I came here for help.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.


I have a first stage Saturn of proper resolution at the same scale as the C-133 but I am
still looking for an Atlas... :shock:

I FOUND IT ! ! ! :lol:


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