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This Week's Models (April 14th)

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Last Week's Models (April 7th)

Models from March 31st

Ryan PT-16 WWII Trainer paper model
Ryan PT-16 WWII Trainer

(Designed by Chauncy Green)

Models from March 24th

Models from March 17th

Models from March 11th

Last Week's models... (March 3rd)

Models from February 24th

Models from February 17th

Models from February 10th

Models from February 3rd

Models from January 27th

Models from January 20th

Models from January 13th

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Models from January 6th

Models from December 30th

Models from December 23rd

Models from December 16th

Models from December 9th

Models from December 2nd

Models from November 25th

Models from November 18th

Models from November 11th

Models from November 4th

Models from October 28th

Models from October 21st

illustration for Bell P-39 Airacobra paper model
Bell P-39 Airacobra

(multiple versions)

Models from October 15th

Models from October 7th

(Free if you have Magic Keys subscription -$7.50 per month)

Modl'n Pal Extra

Hawker Typhoon build by Bob Lutz

(Click to see build)

Other Paper Models

medieval knight paper model medieval knight paper model

King Richard's Paper Model Knight
(in two versions)
Straitsmouth Harbor Lighthouse Paper Model

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Historical Aviation

Clement Ader's Eole early Flying Machine Eole Flying Machine


Heceta Head Light House - Oregon
Heceta Head

Historical Aviation

Sopwith tripe paper airplane model Sopwith Tripe Repaint

New England

New England Maple Syrup Sugar House aka Sugar Barn paper model
Sugar Barn

paper model of NASA Contour spacecraft
* CONTOUR Spacecraft (free for all)

paper model of Messerschmitt Me 209
* Me-209 Racer

 New Etrich Taube paper model kit
Richard's Newly Designed Etrich Taube

More Paper Models

* Cassini Spacecraft
(easy version)
* Triceratops Skeleton (in Triceratops folder)
* More Rigby Models (submarines)
* High Time Clock by John Boaz
* Camoflage version of the DFS 228


Triceratops Skeleton paper model kit
Richard Derry's Triceratops Skeleton

New Tutorial Pages at the Cardmodelers Academy

Follow along with step by step instructions, 78 color pictures, lots of tips, and build the Chester Goon Racing Plane with our new instructor, "airgoon" Norm. Click here to get started at the Cardmodelers Academy.

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Past Releases for Magic Keys Subscribers

Cardmodel Design Tutorials
Building Tips

Recoloring Card Models / Designing the FJ-1
Designing without CAD

From the FG Aero-Space Collection

What People Say

Model Collections:
Aircraft / Buildings / Vehicles / Miscellaneous

Soon,Congressional Limo,

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FREE MODELS to get you hooked !!
Simply register with (at least) your email address, and you will be invited to choose 3 FREE MODELS from a folder of about 75 (!). Click here to register and get started with the fun.
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