Dinosaurs (How to order the DVD)



Another splendid model in Richard's dinosaur series. Because the bones of the ankylosaurs don't lend themselves well to paper modeling, there is no "skeleton" version of this model.


Designed by Richard Dery in 2014 to complete the set of Dinosaur models. This long necked herbivore is cute and peaceful. His bright eyes and smile are sure to cheer you up on any day of the Jurassic Period.


Natural History has never been so terrifying. This meat-eater was even bigger than T-rex. Try to build this paper model of Spinosaurus...if you can stop your hands from shaking!


Richard awes us again with this sweet little Stegosaurus model on five sheets including instruction sheet and diorama. Comes with an archeologist and interesting facts about this prehistoric herbivore from the Jurassic Period.

T Rex

Tyrannosaurus rex model by Richard Derry. First in a series of educational dinosaurs from Fiddlers Green. The model includes interesting facts and information about T. rex, along with a scale figure of a paleontologist.

T Rex Skeleton

Companion model to Richard Derry's T. rex and second in the series of educational dinosaur models from Fiddlersgreen. Includes a female paleontologist to illustrate the scale of this beast, and factual information about paleontology.


Richard Derry stuns, delights, amazes and educates us once again with the third model in his dinosaur collection, Triceratops: the critter with the three-horned face. Along with this model, you also get the Triceratops bones (skeleton) model.

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Dinosaurs Collection DVD

The complete dinosaurs set!

Miscellanous Collection DVD

Miscellaneous Collection safely stored in your Free MyModels folder to collect all the new versions and corrections. THREE months free magic Keys included. Access your models anytime over the next 60 years!! Nothing will be shipped (16 models!)