Lone Ranger Town (How to order the DVD)


Doc Drummond

Doc Drummond was a friend of the Lone Ranger and Tonto. He had an office in town where he stitched up a few holes in his pals (when he was sober)

Lone Ranger Set-1

The Lone Ranger and Tonto loved this town and you will too! This HO scale set consists of nine buildings based on the first three cereal boxes offered on the back of Cheerios in the 1940's and after you've seen the Lone Ranger movie, you'll want to build them all.

Order them all!


Lone Ranger Town Collection DVD

The complete Lone Ranger Town set!

Buildings Collection DVD

Complete Buildings Collection: Includes English, Industrial, Lighthouses, Misc, New England, Western and NOW, the entire Story Book House Collection. Safely stored in your folder for updating.

Buildings Update Collection DVD

Entire Fiddlersgreen Buildings Collection. Includes the Miscellanous Models Collection !! IMPORTANT - You need to have already bought the entire Buildings Collection to be eligible (see left). This collection will go into your MyModels folder . Questions? email to chipfyn@gmail.com