Story Book Houses (How to order the DVD)



We've always had to deal with Border Crossings-even in Medieval times !! There's a little jail, guard stations, working gate, and furniture for the thatched cottage..ALSO, a little Medieval Paddy Wagon is included (two sizes). Dolls house size model with an HO scale included. Fun and easy to build.

Clockmakers Cozy

Design 2 in the Story Book House Collection. In three scales and three versions.. Includes an easy to build and FREE Spruce Tree models for landscaping.. Included are several pieces of furniture. Print to your preferred scale and as many as you need. NOW you're invited to sell MADE-UP Story Book Houses at craft shows, Holiday Faires, etc at no fee to FG. (model shown is 14 inches tall)


This stunning dragon and accessories was designed by Richard Dery. It comes with a castle wall, portcullis, damsel in distress, knight on his trusty steed, and dragontamer squire flatties. The whole model is on ten pages.


The Fiddlersgreen Fantasy Castle has been created in elements that you can assemble any way you wish. Make it BIG or make it small. Create your own unique masterpiece. It can be a Story Book Castle fitting in perfectly as the centerpiece of the entire FG Story Book Collection. (model shown is 14 inches high but can be ANY height!)


Exciting and fun loving Medieval Hunters Lodge with many modern features.. Our well equipted Medieval hunters even fly in and out in a Medieval DaVinci helicopter (and landing pad) included) !! Sizes from large Dolls hous (1:18) size to model railroad 'HO' scale. Biggest and grandest Story Book House in the collection yet takes just a fun weekend to build. Can't see how we can top this one !!


Because the is no crime what-so-ever, this is a totally un-necessary vehicle for our 100% safe Medieval Story Book Village. Hmmmm...perhaps there is no crime because of this dreaded omnipresent paddy wagon. Two sizes includes horse and driver and a set of flags you'll find interesting (Feb 2011)


First in a serious collection of Story Book Houses. Available in large sized Garden or Dolls House scale (1:18) all the way down to model railroad HO scale (1:87). Reduce and build to N or Z scales if your eyes are sharp enough :) 'Roberts Roost' is designed to compliment the centerpiece model 'Fantasy Castle'. There are plans for many other buildings to make up the village around the castle. It comes in in such a wide range of scales that the possibilities are endless. (model shown is just 5 inches)


The Tower Refuge is the third model of our new Story book Series. There's the largest size (1:18 Dolls House) to the smallest-model railroad HO scale. Every Fiddlersgreen Story Book House includes cut-out furniture as well as full interiors like wallpaper and rugs.. The base is usually a garden with fun little snails and the odd candy wrapper. Easy to build for kids age 6 and up especially with a parent joining in with the fun. As ALL Fiddlersgreen models, sold as downloadable only. (model shown is 25 inches high)

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Story Book Houses Collection DVD

Collection includes all the Fiddlersgreen Story Book Houses, furniture and accessories to date. As new ones are released, they'll be added to your MyModels folder.Nothing will be mailed.

Buildings Collection DVD

Complete Buildings Collection: Includes English, Industrial, Lighthouses, Misc, New England, Western and NOW, the entire Story Book House Collection. Safely stored in your folder for updating.

Buildings Update Collection DVD

Entire Fiddlersgreen Buildings Collection. Includes the Miscellanous Models Collection !! IMPORTANT - You need to have already bought the entire Buildings Collection to be eligible (see left). This collection will go into your MyModels folder . Questions? email to