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The planes' use by the French Air Force (then Aviation Militaire) was very brief, due to their frailty and lack of weapons. In February 1914, an experiment was made to install a machine gun in the nose of the craft, but it was not followed up.

Deperdussin B

Deperdussin "B"

Deperdussin B

Deperdussin B



Deperdussin Monoplane

The "popular" model of Deperdussin was produced in quantity and was a great improvement over the earlier Bleriot type machines.The Deperdussen has enough power and reliability to be able to make sustained cross-country flights and was also ideal for training. Therefore the aircraft equipped several flying schools, One of these aircraft third in the 1911 Daily Mail Circuit of Britain contest. During the course of it's life the Deperdussin was fitted with several different engines and seating arrangements. Versions of the Deperdussin were user by the military during 1912 and up to World War One.

Deperdussin Details

Shown above is the exploded view of the Deperdussin

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Deperdussin B
Model of the Deperdussin B Submitted by Bob Martin. Thanks Bob!


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