WEST HIGHLAND TERRIER (Westie) Puppies looking for a home- Sweetest little puppies anywhere!


No more Westie Puppies and won't have any more in the future..sorry.
We'll leave this page up for a while longer

Westie Puppy dreamin'
One week old sleepin' tight. Their eyes still haven't opened and their ears are growing as you watch. If they're contented, they'll sleep 22 hours a day!!

This is exactly how his father, George, sleeps. Sooo trusting and so easy to tickle his fat little belly.

The Westie family picnic
Our Westie puppies at three weeks old and two proud parents. George is on right. These little pups sure love their grass. (This is about all the grass there is in water challenged Payson). Their little hutch always has a 25 in strip of REAL turf for their toileting pleasure. It's changed as needed and costs only $3.75/strip at Home Depot
Baby sitting-West Highland terrior(sp) style
Indian girl and Westie Puppy

Her brother and Westie Puppy These three photos are of the Westies at about 5 weeks old. Nuthin' brings out a happy face smile than a warm, fat, and happy puppy!! Loving people make them that way


Westie Puppies everywhere
Our Westie puppies assembled a group of these humans for a quick pose. These kids came over to play with the pups at the Wal-Mart parking lot.. We couldn't resist grabbing the camera. Look at Missie in the middle watching out for her pup.


First came George in 2002 (full name: George J. Peg), having saved up for him for years. Westie Missie joined us a year later as a loving companion to Sir George. The money was insignificant compared to the daily joys these guys bring us.

We live in a motor home- Arizona in the winter and, usually, the NW coast in the summer.. One of our RV storage hatches has been renovated into a magical puppy habitat with a carpeted ramp leading to a hole I cut in our bedroom floor for Missie to access (or de-access!) the 'family' as she wishes. Other mod coms are a wireless baby monitor so we upstairs folk can hear if there's trouble PLUS a wireless thermometer to be sure that everyone's always comfortable. A screened vent was added to the hatch door keep air fresh.

I like to invite a stranger to come up and hug a Westie pup for a few minutes.. We KNOW that pup will grow up loving people. Westie Puppy dinner time
Westy Puppy relaxing

6 Westie Puppys
I opened the puppy hatch (see below) in our RV and almost immediately a small crowd of Westie lovers gathered. They were happy to pose with the pups. Elizabeth (second from right), kinda lost out but had her own stuffed fox. Wanna meet people? Walk your Westie somewhere.

Westie Puppy lovin' it
When you tickle a little Westies, they usually let out a little puppy growl. After 7 weeks, their new teeth can make this game quite hazardous.

Westie Puppy stampeed
West Highland Terriers have no fear. Here they take on their mom in a friendly sparing match. Look how nicely their long coarse 'Westie' hair is coming in. Their ears will be standing up in another month

Westie Puppy proud
Westies, at any age, stand tall, proud & confident.
Westie Puppies-Dig we must
Two of the puppies show us that they're natural diggers. Missie showed them how at 5 weeks
Westie Mom
Missies' a little dirtbag and needs a shower at
least once a week. George can go three weeks easily
. West Highland Highland Terriers shed very little !!
Westie Puppys figuring it all out
These little Westies, at five weeks, were just able to climb up a curb (and then falling OFF the curb). We help them as little as possible letting them figure things out for themselves.
Westie Puppies vrs Mom
Our Missie can revert to puppyhood at the drop of a tennis ball. She and George chase each other at breakneck speed a few times a day
Westie Puppy soccer
Mom vrs Kids at the Westie World Cup (WWC).. West Highland Terriers give back equal to what they get..We don't own a pen and love to see these little rascals run free. We just keep their parents leashed in close and the 'kids' stay closeby. It's fun to see them chase and then loose squirrels.
Carrot loving Westie Puppy Westie puppie wraping around a ball
A couple more photos of the adventures of our Westies.. These little treasures grow and learn in front of your eyes!!
The parents love carrots and the pups probably will as well. You can 'feel' the sharpness of those teeth can't you

Westies-Geo and MissieAt 6 weeks I train our West Highland Terriers pups to follow George and Missy, and we walk up and down the sidewalk at a busy intersection like a little parade ..If they're runnin' good, I cross the street a couple times. They run their little tails off to keep up. A little cloud of white fluff and a bunch of tiny black eyes behind us. Cars stop in the middle of the street to watch. We hear THIS most often from slowly moving passing cars.. "OHHHHMYGOD!!"

A couple in Flagstaff pulled over and bought three Westie pups on the spot !

Funny story...
I went to Petsmart (with George and Missy) to get dog food and couldn't decide so I stood them up in the cart and let THEM decide their fav by sniffing the bottoms of the bags as I slowly wheeled them down the isle.. great idea for a dog food ad, eh?

Two Westies in a box
Another way to 'walk' the dogs

Animal welfare kops ..Be aware that the dogs are belted into
the carrier box at all times. That's daredevil-in-charge 'George' standing.

Walkin' the Dog (not a Westie)
Obviously not a West Highland Terrier
but a photo I just couldn't resist sharing.


Westie pup vrs Cat
Feet, do your stuff!! Westies, at any age, know when to git outta Dodge.

Westie Mikie
Westie- Roly
Jane's Westie, Roly

We love our Westies,, you've probably figured that out.. You'll see ads for cheaper'' puppy mill dogs' but do you really want that?

West Highland Terrier 'Potty' Training...
We've found that if there's a little patch of turf in a plastic flat placed near the bedding, puppy will get up and use it every time. Forget about those special puppy-pad expensive rip-offs, the live grass trick really works !! Get a strip at Home Depot and cut it up into 12" strips, and place on a square of plastic sheet Garbage bag?. . Watch to determine how soon he poops after dinner. If you've been a good master and figured out puppies' schedule, you're laughing. Pups like getting out every 4-5 hours and will start barking if we're a little late. Westies are uncanny about schedules and look little for little clues that help them organize their day.

It will take a few days to adjust to YOUR puppy's new home. He'll still bark and whine for a few nights, most probably. Try to deal with it without getting up and comforting him. The first litter went to two couples each buying TWO pups and they had no problems at all. I recall, with a broad smile, how George went and very successfully comforted Missie every time she whimpered. She's HIS dog to this day.

Tricks and Treats:

Get some cheap hot dogs or any other quality treats and use little pieces as treats and your Westie will soon walk on his front paws singing Happy Birthday for you!!!!

Choose a good time when he's alert and there's no distractions and do this at THAT time every day till he learns.
Toss the ball out just a foot or two and 'walk ' him through it. Praise him intensely (make a big fuss over it!) and drop a treat into him. Increase this distance slowly. When he learns, let him show others how clever he is and let THEM praise him as well.
Command him to sit, gently push his butt down and hold it there. Treat and praise.
Same with lie down, roll over, play dead..get the mail, drive the car....

George is 6 now (2008). He's able to fetch his leash, my shoes, and even find Missie. Notice these are all seriously related to taking a walk. :)) I give them both a LITTLE treat at the end of the day just before going to bed 'cuz I love them so.

Walking your Westie..(see also below)
When I'm walking George and Missy, and stop at a crossing, I (without looking at the critters) order them, ventriloquist style, to sit.. THEN again for good measure.."sit' .I can tell if they actually have by watching the people in the cars watching us.. They smile and say ohhhh. They DO look cute as the dickins sitting/waiting.

To train your Westie to come, don't use cheap treats..
Try whistling and then handing over a juicy treat- one that makes YOUR mouth water!.. Do that again and again and again. Waiting a good while from his LAST MEAL will help him focus proportionally. hehehe
Every walk (off the leashes), I start off with a whistle and a treat so if they start running away, they'll remember a little easier.

I've expanded George's 'Dead Dog' trick to commanding him to SIT and then STAY,, and then walking away about 50 feet (up to 100 feet after a couple goes..) THEN shooting him with my make believe rifle. That rascal blows people away !! As long as he can hear the 'bang' sound he does 'Dead Dog' and flips over legs-in-the-air.


We've always had George and Missie sporting an engraved metal pet-tag stating their name, our phone number, and the word "REWARD".. I know for a fact that twice this was the reason the finders,,well,, weren't keepers. We offer $20.

We've been adding a little cottage cheese to their puppy chow and that has made our pups the plumpest, healthiest little Westie rascals anywhere and you really shouldn't have any health problems..

AKA Papers:
Having no interest in ever showing our George and Missy, we haven't registered them and can't therefore can't pass any papers on.

A couple other things:
Annie has knitted the pups little 5' leashes that tie onto their little flea collars and drag behind them as they play. These are magical because they slow the pups down as they play tug O' war with each others leash. More importantly, they're much easier to catch when we want to round them up...and already comfortable tethered to a leash. They usually come when called to pick up a little treat.

We love to have enamored strangers come around and cuddle our pups (see above :-). It guarantees to keep them sweet and trusting. Chip http://www.fiddlersgreen.net

Westie missie speaking
Missie's quite a talker and has learned to talk with a hand command just like Lassie XIIVLXX

Annie's worked hard to teach Missie to speak on commandWest Highland terrier(left)Now we can't shut her up !!Missie and Annie are real tight but Missie has always been George's dog. He helped her make it through the first few lonely nights and she's never forgotten it.

Westie Puppy and a  little nap
Westies just love to be near their big buddy. You'll find no truer pal. When we're out walking, we sure don't discourage folks to come on over and hug a puppy. Our Westie pups come with lots of love pre-downloaded.

'Family Photos' (send us some, please?)
Westie Dog- Addison
Doug and I wanted to share a picture of Addison. She will be 7 months old soon. We just love this little doggie! She got a Westie cut last week. We got her a little plastic swimming pool and she LOVES the water! We have lots of friends in the neighborhood with dogs and she loves them all. She is very social. Hope Missy and George are well.
Kathy and Doug Clark

Hiram and Carol meet their new family and the puppies are doing the same. Look at that little lady on the left checking out Carol. These two puppies were so attached it would have been a shame to split them up and the Stevens' will enjoy peace the first nights

New Westie owners-Hiram and Carol
Had to share our new arrangement. He has taken up residence inside my desk for his daily naps. He’s fit as a fiddle ;-) Saw the Dr. today.

Looks like his permanent handle, according to Cole, is going to be Wilson.. 'Willie' for short. He’s already answering to it, little smarty pants.


He is so good...he comes when we call him and always gives lots of kisses.
No leash just yet as he will follow us intently... All the way around the
BLOCK! He's pooped out when we get done, but has no interest in stopping to
sniff ... More interested in keeping us in his sights. Cole loves to watch
him run full on with his ears just a flappin!
Our whole crew (cats and dogs) have all adjusted and it only took two days,
so all is well. He especially likes to play tag with the younger of the two
cats. And a good little retriever too.
Hugs to George and Missy.

Jane and Willie (at age 9 weeks)

Teddy-WestieI was looking at your website again today and remembering when Teddy was a baby. Teddy's mommy and daddy; Missie and George are so cute. I got baby Westie; Teddy from you in January of 2007. He is the love of my life (and my Mom's life....he is her "Grandpuppy". What a wonderful little dog, pet, Westie and buddy!!! I love him so much!
Warmest Regards, Janet Drummond
Craigs new Westie
Oliver Melamed
We purchased a male westie puppy from you a few years back. We named him Oliver and he is a wonderful dog. Kind of an independent thinker at times. I have trained him to do agility. One of the rare Westies that participate in the sport. Here's a picture of him in action.. Harold & Barbara Melamed

Great to hear from you !! Really great !!!! Thanks for taking the time. Although in that photo you're kinda coming across with a bit of a Westie gloat, dear son, or maybe that's just lotsa pride and self confidence your master has instilled in you. Our master, Chip, has been busy teaching your mom and me new tricks too. Latest one was to hold our freakin' bladders an hour longer so he and annie can sleep-in a little more in the mornings. whatever.. We've printed out and hung your jumping photo up over our dinner dish and are thrilled ..SUPER thrilled for you...so much it's hard to fully enjoy our Kibbles. Can you send us a photo of you all please? Mom and Dad ..Missy and George
* West Highland Terrier takes everything within it's stride (never timid, shy, or yappy!)
* The West Highland Terrier is energetic enough to keep up with children.
* The West Highland Terries is friendly and gets along well with people and most other animals.
* West Highland Terriers seem to know whos' naughty or nice and will curiously, challenge the naughty
* The West Highland Terrier is an extremely hardy dog, which can romp with the best of them.
* Westies do well as either an inside dog or an outside dog.
* West Highland Terriers don't have a shedding problem, so Mom doesn't spend time vacuuming up pet hair.
* West Highland Terriers are extremely intelligent and love to learn new tricks. They live to please you!
* West Highland Terriers are the perfect size - small enough for your lap, big enough for the yard.
Belleand JackTheir names are Belle and Jack Hi just thought you'd like to see the cuties. WE LOVE them! Take care! Rod and Helen (2006)  

Dad, Mom, and Grommet
Gromit says 'hello' on his second birthday.  He is still the absolute delight of our lives and is so very sweet.  We love him dearly, and are thankful that he looks after us.  He tries so hard to make hurts and sadness go away (we fell on ice and a friend passed away).  Thank you for starting him off in life so lovingly.  It shows; everyone loves him. Ernie & Carole
Westie Pup Grommet