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WSAM %....what means that?!?

That stands for the
'Worlds Smallest Air Museum'

Steve's Gee BeeQuite a few people are putting together an entire miniature Air Museum and asked to have this information included with the models. The percentage is what the model needs to be printed to if you want to display it at the same scale as all the other planes.(which is model scale1:60) Some are enlarged- others reduced. Many are drawn and published to WSAM=100% if at all possible. When you see *WSAM*= 125% that means your model must be enlarged to 125% to build to the common 1:60 Scale.

You may have noticed that the 'page' is actually 7.56 X 10.5 instead of 8.5 X11. THis is because quite a few printers need that margin when they print. With out this margin, quite a few modelers would be getting cropped printings.

If a modeler would like to keep all his FG models in a shared scale of 1:60 he simply to reduces or enlarges to the WSAM scale. Our new super sized models are almost all LARGER than the 1:60 paper airplane scale so the NOW the modeler simply REDUCES the the WSAM number when he prints..

Question: I want to resize all of the paper models I have to 1/72nd scale to match my plastic group. How would I go about doing that? How would I set printer and or adobe reader parameters?
Answer: Simply multiply the WSAM number, (that's somewhere in the upper LH area of the first page of the model), by 120% (1,2) and set your printer to that.

More info at:
WSAM Calculator


A simpler WSAM Calculator here

Regarding the scale of the teeny weenies-

"I just print the file using "fit to page" (large file for teeny...small file for teeny weenie) and tell the printer to put it on a 3X5 card instead of 8.5X10. I have used a custom page size setting, but since I don't care about getting planes to the same scale, the note card setting works fine.That's all there is to it. "Dave Caldwell (12/12/01)

Question. Why didn't we design them all in the 1:60 scale?
Well, most people want to have as much model for their money as possible so we cram as much model on a page as we can. Scale, most often, would make the model too small. The Free piper Cub is a great example. It's span is about 10 inches on a letter sized sheet of cardstock and it's WSAM percentage is 70%. That means you have to reduce it to about 7 inches to be in scale with the others. Let us know if you're putting together a WSAM (see below)

Question: How do I print out my model in WSAM 1:60 scale?
: Go to file > page layout and simply set up your printer to print to the WSAM percentage. If you would like to slightly enlarge you model to 'fill the page' experiment a little and see what you get.

BTW, our models are designed to fit a 7.56 X 10.5 page because quite a few of the older printers need that much of a margin when they print. Yours might not.

As modeling subjects, we choose the most important and popular aircraft in aviation history. The perfect Air Museum would display every one of these if it had the resources. At just $2. per airplane, YOU most probably have the resources and just might enjoy setting up a fun and informative miniature Air Museum.

Why not fix up a few cardboard boxes as a hangers to display your models like a miniature Air Museum? Then send us nice clear photos and, if we can use them on our web page, we'll reward you handsomely with free FG airplane models for the rest of your life! (or mine, whichever comes first.hehhehe)

WSAM Photo Gallery

cool flyin' dude

Ken Kenyon's Porch Aerodrome
Oak Thornton Attacks Grandson
Mat Vance has Twins!
Smilin' John.. got a problem with that?
Ripped Off Again by Carl Olsen!
Jef Raskin! Touches-Up PUP!
Al Swann's Masterpieces
Dave Webster: Aviator/Artist
Dick Doll's Aerodrome
Wayne Cutrells' Dr-1s
Drinking to Airplanes from Soda cans
Tiny Dr-1s make BIG showing-Barry Lank
Peter Dobrynine's printer plate planes
Another WSAM by Folk Artist Larry
FIRST motorized FG plane by Rocket Man
Brass piper models
Ghosts of Airplanes Past


A feller isn't thinkin mean--modelin' planes;

His thoughts are mostly good and clean, modelin' planes

He doesn't knock his fellow man or harbor any grudges then;

A feller's at his finest when he's modelin' planes.


The rich are comrade to the poor, modelin' planes;

All brothers of a common lure, modelin' planes;

The boy, the joy the models bring,can chum with millionaire and king;

Vain pride is a forgotten thing, modelin' planes.



A feller's glad to be a friend, modelin' planes;

A helping hand he'll always lend, modelin' planes;

This brotherhood of prop and struts and wing is simply fine;

Boy's come real close to God's design, modelin' planes.


A feller isn't plotting schemes, modelin' planes;

He's only busy with his dreams, modelin' planes;

His livery is a lacquer pan, his creed-- to do the best he can;

A feller's always mostly man, modelin' planes.
Silas Weatherby, 1933


Hope you all enjoy----Dick MacDowall, Kingsley PA