Fiddlers Green Paper Cutout Models for Model Railroad layouts
A horrible train wreck

HO AND 'O' modelers are by far in the majority but can still cash in on the great Fiddlers Green value for money. You can use these little treasures in (at least!) three ways:

Enlarge them on a color copier (see guide) and spray glue them to cardstock or light balsa.

Down load them as cyber models. Just hit the HO scale button when you order. We'll be having all the buildings on a CD Rom soon making it so much easier AND cheaper for you.

If you have a large enough layout, they serve good purpose arranged in the background. For example, the western buildings can set up as a little ghost town nestled in the mountains. Cut them in two and paste to the background scenery (see below).

Scroll just a bit further to get to our Conversion Table to different railroad Scales. 

Old Sacramento, Ca
The Railroad Museum at Old Sacramento, California (above) and Mt Shasta, Ca (below)

Mount Shasta, Ca

Panoramagraphs are very large, fine art prints from very high resolution digital panoramic photographs. Many of these will Stevieprint 3 feet by 12 feet. If you'd like the very best custom background to set off your model RR layout, visit Steve Mizera's

You'll see there's a huge number available and, because with Steve it's a labor of love, you'll be plesantly surprised at how reasonable they are..

Superstitions, AZ

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