Heinkel He176 Experimental Rocket Plane

Heinkel He176 Rocket Plane

Heinkel He176

He176 Nazi's First Rocket Plane

Heinkel He176 Rocket PlaneUnder the heading "Flier Humor," a German aviation magazine published, a, rumor that Ernst Heinkel had, an airplane that would, go faster than 627 m.p.h.On June 20,1939,the first rocket plane, He 176, made its initial flight under strict secrecy. The power unit, a HWK-RI engine, designed, by Hellmuth Walter, developed a paltry 690 kilopond thrust-sufficient for about 466 m.p.h. "Those aren't wings," Ernst Udet sneered when he was confronted, by Heinkel's new creation for the first time, "they're rails." Udet was told that Lippisch had, already done considerable work on flying wings and delta wings, but the veteran airman thought more of rattly piston engines and sturdy conventional wings. The project of the He 176 came up against the world's first jet, the He 178, and, fell into oblivion.


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Length 17 ft.
Wingspan 16 ft.
Height 4 ft.
Weight fully loaded 3,57
Engine: 1 Walter HWK-R-l rocket engine Power: 690 kp. thrust


Heinkel He 176 Rocket Plane