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The lesser known predecessor of the famous Wright Brothers Flyer also known as the Kitty Hawk, named after the site of their flight tests. The design of the Glider was the foundation for the Wright Brothers' historic flight.

Wright Brothers Glider Downloadable Card Model

The Wright Brothers controllable Glider of 1902


Wright Brothers 1902 Glider

Wright Flyer model


In 1902 this glider was the first man-carrying flying machine to have three-dimensional controls. It then led to the Wright Brothers famous powered flight in the Wright Flyer a year later.


Wright Brothers Glider

The Wright brothers first became seriously interested in solving the problem of human flight in 1899. After conducting extensive research, they concluded that the key to success lay in the pilot's ability to control the aircraft. They proceeded to design, build, and test a series of aircraft that began with a kite in 1899, followed by three gliders in 1900,1901, and 1902. After a successful 1902 season, the Wrights were confident they had solved the problem of control.

They were then able to focus their attention on determining the requirements for an engine and propellers that would sustain them in flight. On December 17, 1903, for the first time in history, an airplane took off, moved forward under its own power, and landed at a point as high as that from which it had started. Three more flights followed that day demonstrating, beyond any doubt, that their machine was capable of sustained flight under the complete control of the pilot.

Wright Brothers Toy
This is a sketch of a helicopter type toy that was popular from the 1880s
launching the Wright Glider
A gentle launch at Kitty Hawk
Wright Glider being tested
The Wright Glider being tested for stability

Wright Brother's guest tent
This was the tent that was set up alongside the wooden work shop. It was used to house the crew that was helping with the test flights
WRIGHT flying-school
A wonderful photo of the Wright Flying School around 1908
Wright Brother's loft
This is the loft of the Wright Brother's work shop
Wright glider-kite
This was one of the earlier kites
Wright Glider in flight
Hundreds of flights were made in the Wright glider
Wright Flyer patent
The Wright Flyer patent
The Wright Brother's workshop
The sheds at Kitty Hawk were abandoned when the Wright Airplanes were improved and in production..


Assembly Details

Specifications for the Wright Glider

3 View of the Wright Glider Crew: 1
Length: 16 ft 1 in
Wingspan: 32 ft 1 in
Height: 8 ft
Wing area: 305 ft²
Empty weight: 117 lb

Range: 622.5 ft

Crashed Wright Glider
The crashed Wright Glider.