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General Store-New England - $$3.95

Once upon a time,, every little town had a General Store sitting in the middle of everything. With the addition of a new sign your general store model can become a Hardware, Barber, Antique Store, or even a boarded up abandoned building. Kinda a sign of the times. Another sign of the times is the moving of the Post Office into the General Store.

New England General Store

New England General Store

New England General Store
Every village needs a general store. There's not a lot to say about a general store except this one is easily fitted out with clear windows as explained in the building details below.. It also has a little layout to be displayed on.

General Store card modelPainting by Bob Bates
We've put a little tree together by gluing that spongy clumpy foliage (that all the hobby shops sell) onto a branchy twig.. An abundance of hot melt glue anchored the trunk to a piece of cardboard. It's real easy to do- try it.
This model (left) was inspired by a painting (right) by a fella named Bob Bates.
New England General Store AssemblyGeneral Store in Riverton New England
The General Store in Riverton all decked out for Christmas
Colorful General Store at Newtown Ct
Last I saw, this gem of a New England Store was still living in Newtown Ct. The building on the right is an office and (probably), living space in the lower (and over the store) level
Kingston General StoreNew England Ggeneral Store at Pleasant Lake
Inside a New England General Store
The New England General Store was small but somehow was usually able to keep a huge amount of things in stock.

History of the New England General Store

Once upon a time, in a small town nestled in the rolling hills of New England, there was a general store that had been a fixture of the community for over 100 years. The store was a rambling, two-story building with peeling white paint and a large porch that wrapped around the front. It had been built by the town's founder, a grizzled old sea captain who had settled in the area and saw the need for a place where people could buy supplies and socialize.

The store had been passed down through the generations and was now run by a kind and friendly couple in their seventies, who had been married for over 50 years. They had a knack for making everyone feel welcome, and the store was a hub of activity for the townspeople.

The store carried everything one could need, from groceries and hardware to clothing and toys. It was the only place in town to get a soda or a newspaper, and it was a popular spot to sit and chat with friends over a cup of coffee. The store was a vital part of the community, and everyone relied on it to meet their needs.

As the years passed, the store faced many challenges. Competition from larger chain stores and online retailers threatened its existence, and it struggled to stay afloat. But the owners were determined to keep the store going, and with the help of the community, they were able to weather the storm.

Today, the store is still going strong, and it remains a beloved institution in the town. It is a testament to the resilience of small, independent businesses and the enduring spirit of community.