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Out west, the general store carried everything imaginable to best serve the local folks not to mention maximize revenue. This store lived in Pollock Pines, California and still stands as a multi-family dwelling.

Western General Store-downloadable cardmodel

Western General Store

Complete with boardwalk and living quarters upstairs, this building that was once a general store then became Chip Fyn's Sawdust Gallery Carving Shop and mug factory located at the foot Pollock Pines General Storeof the Sierras in a town called Pollock Pines, Ca.

What people say...

A cowboy time-traveler walked into the general store and was greeted by the friendly storekeeper who asked him how he was doing. The cowboy replied that he was doing well and was just looking around at all the interesting items for sale in the store.

As he wandered down the aisles, he noticed a display of Fiddlersgreen paper model kits. The cowboy had never seen anything like these before, and he was intrigued by the intricate detail on the models.

As he examined the different kits, he was surprised to see one that looked exactly like the store he was standing in. It even had the same wooden counter and shelves filled with goods. The cowboy couldn't believe his eyes and asked the storekeeper about it.

"Why, that's our store!" the storekeeper exclaimed with a smile. "We had one of those fancy paper model makers come through town a few months back and make a replica of our store. It's been a big hit with the tourists."