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Old Point Loma, CA - $$4.95

Point Loma Light House was one of the original 8 west coast lighthouses, built in 1855 in the Cape Cod style that was used for all of them. The forty foot tower rises from the center of the keeper's house, fitted with a third-order fresnel lens.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse downloadable cardmodel

The Old Point Loma Lighthouse, Point Loma, California

Jim's Point Loma Model Point Loma Light House was one of the original 8 west coast lighthouses, built in 1855 in the Cape Cod style that was used for all of them. The forty foot tower rises from the center of the keeper's house, fitted with a third-order fresnel lens.
The Point Loma Lighthouse is perched on a windy finger of land, high overlooking the Pacific Ocean on one side, and San Diego Bay on the other. Built in 1855, it was abandoned before the turn of the century. For over 100 years no one has lived there.

Jim Cookson has designed this delicious little Pt Loma Light House model and he's gone and done something special... The light room and the railing on the sample model he made is printed on CLEAR plastic to bring out the softness and fragile- ness of the details. This little trick can, of course, be used on virtually all the light houses in this collection.
You'll see that Jim's style is a bit more detailed and slightly more advanced for the card modeler. The little extra time you spend on his models makes all the difference!
Instructions are clear and informative..and are always included with your model.. Keep them afterwards for reference.
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Wow! That is definitely worth the extra effort. Just think of what a model like that would cost if you bought it from one of the RR modeling houses. C. Cangero (10/17)

The light had only a short life because the seemingly good location concealed a serious flaw: fog and low clouds often obscured the beam. On March 23, 1891, the keeper extinguished the lamp for the last time. Boarding up the lighthouse, he moved his family and belongings into a new light station at the bottom of the hill. Today you can see the "New" Point Loma Lighthouse from the Whale Overlook, 100 yards south of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.
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Old Pt Loma Lighthouse,Point Loma, California


Point Loma was one of the original 8 west coast Old Point Loma-end viewlighthouses, built in 1855 in the Cape Cod style that was used for all of them. The forty foot tower rises from the center of the keeper's house, fitted with a third-order fresnel lens. A5 foot, 3rd order Fresnel lens from France and was installed. At dusk on November 15, 1855, the keeper climbed the winding stairs and lit the oil lamp for the first time. In clear weather its light was visible at sea for 25 miles.

The Lighthouse Board often built these early west coast lights high up on hills, as was the custom in New England. This tactic failed in the west, as the light often shone above the low-lying fog that is prevalent along the Pacific coast, making the light useless to passing ships. As a result, Pt. Loma served for only 36 years before being replaced in 1891 by a skeletal tower built near sea level.

Today Old Point Loma Lighthouse is the centerpiece of Cabrillo National Monument, with a spectacular view of San DiegoHarbor.The Old Point Loma Lighthouse was in operation from 1855 to 1891. Standing 422 feet above sea level, its design did not take into account fog and weather conditions common to the region. Many times ships could not see its beacon. So a new light house was erected down the hill closer to the water. The National Park Service has refurbished the Ranger-led talks, displays and brochures
are available to explain the lighthouses interesting past.

Offering one of the best vistas of the bay, the grounds provide a home to a variety of plants and animals. Self-guided tours, films and lectures and a gift store offer information, including historical books, maps and souvenirs. Also visit "New" Point Loma Lighthouse near Whale Overlook, 100 yards south of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. From December to March, Pacific gray whales can be seen from the park's western overlooks as they make their annual migration. The area offers dramatic views of the New Point Loma Lighthouse, the Pacific Ocean, and Mexico's far-off Coronado Islands.Pt Loma Light House-image#1

Although the lighthouse is open, it's not in operation. There's a second lighthouse located on the grounds. Climb the spiral staircase to view a fresnel lens. It is used to send out a beacon of light visible at night to sailors navigating the San Diego harbors. A recent news item stated lighthouses are no longer needed.Sea-faring ships have now switched to the Global Positioning Service (GPS satellites).

On the same National Parks Service grounds, you'll also find Cabrillo Monument, a tribute to Spanish explorer Juan Cabrillo.

On September 28, 1542 Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo landed at San Diego Bay. This event marked the first time that Europeans had set foot on what later became the west coast of the United States. Six days later, he departed San Diego sailing northward and exploring the uncharted coast line of California. His contributions helped to dispel myths and misconceptions, and allowed his contemporaries to proceed with the difficult task of colonizing the expanded Spanish Empire. His accomplishments were memorialized in 1913 with the establishment of Cabrillo National Monument. Cabrillo National Monument offers programs and a small museum about Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a superb view of San Diego harbor, the Pacific Ocean, and the winter Gray Whale migration. The Old Point Loma Lighthouse, Fort Rosecrans coastal defense remains, a coastal sage scrub ecosystem, and the Cabrillo Tide pools are preserved here by the National Park Service.

Pt Loma Light House bedroomPt Loma Light House interior

The Old Point Loma Lighthouse is a reminder of simpler times: of sailing ships and oil lamps and the men and women whom day after day faithfully tended the coastal lights that guided mariners. In 1851, a year after California entered the Union, and the U.S. Coastal Survey selected the heights of Point Loma for the location of a navigational aid. The crest seemed like the right location: it stood 422 feet above sea level, overlooking the bay and the ocean, and a lighthouse there could serve as both a harbor light and a coastal beacon.

Construction began three years later. Workers carved sandstone from the hillside for walls and salvaged floor tiles from the ruins of an old Spanish fort. A rolled tin roof, a brick tower, and an iron and brass housing for the light topped the squat, thick-walled building. By late summer 1854, this work was done. More than a year passed before the lighting apparatus -- a 5 foot, 3rd order Fresnel lens, the best available technology -- arrived from France and was installed.

Pt Loma Light House detailsPt Loma Light House model
I've made up one of the mock ups with clear windows in the gallery (hence the Fresnel Lens included with the model), railings printed on transparency and inset windows.

The model was printed clear on the laser printer -- the transparency stock I have for the inkjet has two fatal flaws:
1. it's too thick to form easily
2. it doesn't seem to glue well
The hard part for the laser transparency it the tendency of the toner to flake off if you try to score it (doesn't matter which side you score on, you either scrape off or push off the toner). For the railings it isn't an issue -- it's simply rolled, but for the gallery you have to crease it freehand, which is actually easier than it sounds.

I toyed with the idea of white clad phone wire for the drain pipes as an option with some fine wire railings for the front steps. Pasta seems a much tastier idea but harder to turn the corners (especially if "al dente").

  The Monument is located on the southern tip of Point Loma, approximately 10 miles from the city of San Diego. Follow State Highway 209 south, from Interstate Highways I-5 and I-8, to the tip of Point Loma. Cabrillo National Monument 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive San Diego, CA 92106-3601(619) 557-5450