Toll House - $$3.00

English Toll House - Please be sure to obtain the proper paperwork before building or erecting a toll house within the city limits.

English Toll House Downloadable Cardmodel

Paper model build by Dennis Brooks of Fiddlersgreen Tollhouse
(Thanks to Dennis Brooks for this build of the English Toll House)

What people say...

Here you go Scott,

The back roof segment is too short to follow the step down of the walls so I left it a slant. No edge coloring, just a straight build. I had to make up the chimney with no directions. I folded down the edges of the base like a lead plate would be done. I curved the sides to simulate the three tubes of the chimney and curled the edges of the top plate down a bit. Because the scales were so different, I put the large scales in front with the smallest, including the building, at the back of a sheet of tan card stock. The title and small people with animals had to go to the back for scale and to provide a backdrop. You could cut out the animals and remove the "Toll House" if you wanted to do all that detail cutting.

With no directions, you could make it a single gate, but there was no locking post so I built it as a double gate. I left the "conversation balloon" on the toll keeper so you could see he was asking for the toll.

Thank you for putting my build of the mini West Quoddy light house on the site. I have three more miniature lights almost done. Two tower style and one block house. I will send them along when finished. Some of those tiny parts like the triangular braces under the walk on the one light. It takes patience.


Thanks Dennis!

exerpt of Tollhose Law

The American and English Encyclopaedia of Law, Volume 29 demonstrates many of the issues involved in building your Fiddlersgreen Tollhouse. Please be certain to check your local statues and obtain the proper paperwork.

Spooky Story: The Toll House by W.W. Jacobs