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Stegosaurus - $$7.50

Richard awes us again with this sweet little Stegosaurus model on five sheets including instruction sheet and diorama. Comes with an archeologist and interesting facts about this prehistoric herbivore from the Jurassic Period.

Fiddlersgreen Stegosaurus


Stegosaurus Title Picture
Stegosaurus information graphic

The Stegosaurus lived during the Late Jurassic period between 150 and 155 million years ago. It roamed North America browsing on small shrubs and bushes. He was as big as a bus and weighed about 5 tons.

Richard Derry the Dinosaur Artist

Since he was in grade school, Richard has been making his own toys out of paper. Now he has his own children and enjoys making toys for them, as well as for other children all over the world.

With paper and glue, you too can build his airplanes, tanks, and dinosaurs just like he did when he was in grade school.

Stegosaurus Paper Model

Jac Fyn cartoon of Stegosaurus doing addition Hmmm.... I'm trying to figure out this complicated mathematical equation, and it's vexing. I've been staring at it for hours. Who am I? I'm a Stegosauruas, meaning "bony lizard" or "roof lizard." No, I don't hang around on rooftops, but I have these plates on my back that feel like I have shingles! Jac Fyn drawing of Stegosaurus talking

Anyway, I'm a big fella, a Mega-dinosaur I am proud to say! But even though I can grow up to 30 feet long my brain is between the size of a walnut and an orange if I'm lucky. That makes me not so bright by dinosaur standards. Fortunately, I am well armored and have some defensive spikes on my tail, so my brawn helps compensate for my lack of brain power. I like to think I have a good personality too!

Plus, I don't really start a lot of fights. I'm an herbivore. I eat plants, so even though that funny looking mouse is distracting me, I don't think I'll be eating him.

Now if you'll forgive me, I must return to solving this great puzzle...

Cartoon by Jac Fyn

Jac Fyn's Stegosaurus Cartoon

Step by Step Tutorial by Callie and Brumbie

(How to lick, roll and glue a Stegosaurus)

Although these two kitties have been known to eat distant relatives of the Stegosaurus, they have shown they know how to behave in mixed company and have proven to be excellent model builders in their own right, even though they can't always agree on which parts go where.
Trista holding Stegosaurus paper model in her hand

cat and Stegosaurus 1
First you roll these parts up like this.
cat and Stegosaurus 2
Then I think you roll these like this.
cat and Stegosaurus 3
Oh, these instructions are confusing!
cat and Stegosaurus 4
You might have to lick this part.

cat and Stegosaurus 5
Let me show you. Glue this...
cat and Stegosaurus 6
...then bite this part.
cat and Stegosaurus 7
Put more glue and pinch lightly
cat and Stegosaurus 8
Then glue head to tip of tail.
stegosaurus by the window stegosaurus in the snow

The Stegosaurus on Postage Stamps of the World

stegosaurus postage stamp from Viet Nam stegosaurus postage stamp From USA stegosaurus postage stamp St. Vincent stegosaurus postage stamp Tanzania stegosaurus postage stamp San Marino
stegosaurus postage stamp Africa stegosaurus postage stamp Senegal stegosaurus postage stamp Magyar Posta stegosaurus postage stamp foreign stegosaurus postage stamp Fujiera
stegosaurus postage stamp malagasy stegosaurus postage stamp mozambique stegosaurus postage stamp malawi stegosaurus postage stamp liberia stegosaurus postage stamp Great Britain
stegosaurus postage stamp poland stegosaurus postage stamp jules verne stegosaurus postage stamp USA stegosaurus postage stamp United States stegosaurus postage stamp Bulgaria

Callie says: "Meow"
Brumbie says: "Yum!"

This is the Diorama and the Paleontologist that comes with the model

stegosaurus by the window stegosaurus in the snow