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Witch - $$3.00

A downloadable FLYING cardmodel of a Halloween Wild and krazy Witch. Really flies and pretty well. Super easy to build. Can be launched with a large rubber band..Wing span of 9 inches.

Flying Witch downloadable Cardmodel

Flying Witch downloadable Cardmodel..please scroll down

This easy to build and downloadable flying Halloween Witch comes in three colors but just one size:11 inch sinister wing span
Gary Dare's pumpkin paper witch accessory
Downloadable Flying Witch paper model-BW
The Flying Witch cardmodel comes in BW for you to color (and save on ink)


A witch is a person who practices witchcraft and a 'Warlock' is not a male witch. Warlock means traitor or devil. The stereotypical witches are commonly portrayed as wicked old women who have wrinkled skin, pimples, and pointy hats. They wear clothes that are black or purple. They also have warts on their noses and sometimes long claw-like fingernails.

The belief in witchcraft can be found in many cultures worldwide. Witches have often been seen outside accepted cultures and faith. As a consequences, people often made witches feel unwanted in their societies. (see below)

Downloadable Flying Witch paper model
It also comes in your fashionable after dark basic black

Feel free to copy and freely distribute this one to promote breast cancer prevention

Flying downloadable witchHere are a couple pictures of your Flying Witch model I built. Thanks to you and your design team for a nice, fun, Halloween Flying toy. Yes,,, It does fly,,, !! I built it with a Carmel Apple skewer stick, (they are a bit thicker than a regular skewer stick). Gave it a bit of dihedral, curved up the wing tips slightly, and curved up the trailing edge of the wing very slightly. (No added nose weight needed.) It glided across the living room (and disappeared into the mirror :) very nicely with an easy toss. Thanks, Gary

WOW,,,That's what I was also thinking of when I repainted this Witch. Not only for young girls,,, But for Breast Cancer awareness too. My sister is a survivor. You can add the Breast Cancer awareness ribbon to the model. Another thought for you too. If you can send a built model and some printed out Models to Ellen DeGenres. I have a feeling that she will love it. She will probably give your company a nice bit of advertising For folks to go to your F.G. Site to download the model as well. You can even do a build tutorial you can post to guide newbies in building their Breast Cancer awareness witches. See what you think. Gary

This sweet little model flies wonderfully with a little dihedral and upswept wing tips. Clear across the room Amazing!!
I haven't tried the rubber band launching system yet, Bill

The Witch Maze Game

Haunted House

Check out our almost free Haunted House model (right)
And a 'Witches Hovel' model that resides at Rydale Folk Museum, UK

Halloween Witch sceneCommon Concepts about Witches

During the early Modern Age, the Church developed a whole set of
teachings and beliefs about witches. These beliefs were centered around the following:

Witches are able to fly around on brooms, sticks, animals, daemons, or using special ointments
Witches meet with other witches, and with the devil on occasions called witches' sabbath.
Witches have a pact with the devil
Witches can use magic spells to do bad things to others
How people were identified as witches

People believed that a witch had certain things that clearly identified her as a witch.
Some of these were:

A 'Diabolical' mark. It was a mark of the devil.
Most of the time, this was just a mole or birthmark.
If the examiner found no mark, often he would say he had found an invisible mark

A pact with the devil
Being denounced by another witch. This was common. Often, witches who
told about other witches were punished less severely. For example, they were strangled before being burnt at the stake.

A relationship with other known witch(es)
Taking part in Sabbaths.
To harm someone with sorcery
To have some of the things needed to do black magic
To have one or more witches in the family
To be afraid during the interrogations. Most often the interrogations involved torture.
To not cry when tortured
To have red hair

Another common method of test was the `Swim` test the suspected witch would have a rope
tied around the waist and rocks (on ropes as well) attached to their feet. The suspected witch
was then thrown into the water if they drowned (which is more than likely) they were wrongly
accused, if they floated they were a witch and a trial would be held.

The mark of the devil
People believed that witches had a pact with the devil. The diabolical mark
(or mark of the devil) was a token left on the skin of the witch.

Most of the time, this was believed to be a mole or birthmark.
It was said that since this was a sign of the devil, touching (or picking)
it would not hurt the person. People also though that this mark could not bleed.

This soon developed into a safe test for witchcraft.
Most often, special techniques were used by those doing the test,
so that the pricked spot would not bleed, or hurt. Some needles were also
found that were special. When touching the skin, the needle would go into its shaft.
In that way it could not be felt, and did of course not bleed.
Many innocent people were wrongfully convicted because of this test.

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