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The LK-II was a late WWI German tank that, in fact, was late for the Great War to End all Wars And just a little too early for the next one war. The folder has a larger version (1:22 and a smaller at 1:36 also in the colorful Swedish version. Now all the WWI tanks in this in your folder have been updated to be in relative matching scales so you can display them as a set. Always print from your FREE (forever) MyModels folder.

LK-I and Lk-II German WWI Tank

LK-II German WWI Tank


The LK-II tank compared to the LK-!
Leichter-Kampfwagen-LK-I and II WWI German Tanks drawing by designer Richard Dery

Some photos of the Leichter-Kampfwagen-LK-II WWI German Tank

the A7V WWI German tankThe German A7V WWI Tank was first used at St Quentin on 21st March 1918. Although some of its features, such as the sprung tracks and thicker armour, made it better than British tanks at that time, the A7V was less successful as a battle vehicle. The main problems were with its mechanical reliability and the difficulty it encountered crossing enemy trenches. This is a great model and is the most popular one in the FG WWI Tank collection

Leichter-Kampfwagen-LK-II WWI German Tank-LH side view
Leichter-Kampfwagen-LK-II WWI German Tank-front view

The German Army needed a new design and by the summer of 1918 the Leichter Kampfwagen II began to be produced by the Daimler company. Its length was 16 ft. 8 in. which enabled it to cross a 6 ft. 6 in. trench. It weighed 8.7 tons and it had a 5.7-cm gun. The German Army ordered of 580 of these tanks but the war came to an end before any reached the front-line.

Leichter-Kampfwagen-LK-II WWI German Tank-rear view

Leichter-Kampfwagen-LK-II WWI German Tank-in winter
A winter photo that seems to have been posed for. This gives one a good idea of the small scale of the LK-II tank. The entire Fiddlersgreen WWI Tank collection can be seen HERE

Leichter-Kampfwagen-LK-II WWI German Tank-side view

The Leichter-Kampfwagen-LK-II WWI German Tank. Thanks to FG designer Richard DeryLK-II German Tank cardmodel-beta
LK-II German Tank cardmodel

LK-WWI-tank downloadable models

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LK-II German WWI Tank