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Mark-IV - $$8.95

A classic looking 1917-18 British Tank which was arguably, the most important tank in the 'War to End All Wars". Comes in British, captured German, and BW and two sizes. An easy and especially fun build.. Approx scales 1:54 and 1:39

British Mark IV WWI Tank

British Mark IV WWI Tank


WWI Marjk IV British Tank
Richards Mark IV WWI Tank
The Mark IV Heavy British Tank is Richard Dery's second WWI Tank Collection design. His first was the Renault FT-17

Mark-IV WWI TankThe Mark IV was the most important tank of WWI. The 'Mother' prototype was built in January 1916 and by October 1917 700 of the 1220 ordered were delivered to the tank corps in France. The first tank ever engaged in what might be a "classic" combat with another tank was a British On April 24, 1918, accompanied by two "female" tanks equipped with machine guns-it encountered the A7V tanks built by the Germans during the last months of the war. The British tank was victorious in this first tank duel but the German vehicle inflicted heavy damage on its two consorts. This experience persuaded the British makers to improve their equipment and many of the "female" tanks were fitted with adequate antitank guns.





MARK IV Legend has it that after completion, the tanks were shipped to France in large wooden crates. For secrecy and in order to not arouse any curiosity, the crates and the tanks themselves were then each labelled with a destination in Russian for Petrograd. In fact the tanks were never shipped in crates: the inscription in Russian was applied on the hull for their transport from the factory to the first training center at Thetford.

The first fifty had been delivered to France on 30 August. They were 'male' or 'female', depending upon whether their armament was the 57 mm gun (male) or only multiple smaller Hotchkiss or Vickers machine guns (female). The crew was eight, four of whom were needed to handle the steering and drive gears. The Mark IVs were only capable of 4 mph, matching the speed of marching infantry with whom they were to be integrated to aid in the destruction of enemy machine guns.

Mark IV WWI tank three view

Weight: 28 tons
Length: 26ft 5in
Width: 13ft 6in
Height: 8ft 1in
Crew: 8
Range: 35 mi
Speed: 4 mph
Armour: .23-.47
(riveted iron sheets)







Mark IV WW1 Tank Beta build
Mark IV WW1 Tank Beta build from designer Richard Dery. Usually there will be up to a dozen betas before the model is ready to be colored.
WWI tank Mark IV about to use the unditching beam
WWI tank Mark IV about to use the unditching beam. Note how its chained to the tracks which seems like a rather lousey job to be done in the heat of battle
Mark IV WW1 Tank exhibited at the Abredeen Proving Grounds
Mark IV Tank formally exhibited at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds

Mark IV on display
Mark IV WW1 Tank with a minor rear hatch issue
Mark IV WW1 Tank frontal view
Mark IV WW1 Tank frontal view
Britrish Mark IV in RussiaMark IV WW1 Tank and some proud White Russians
Mark IV WW1 Tank view of the sponson
View of the smaller sponson
Mark IV WW1 Tank- wrecked in France
The grease lubricant normally used on the tracks combined with dirt and sand to form an abrasive compound causing frequent track failure such as that shown above. Note the long gun. This is a male variant of a Mark 1 heavy tank and the long barrelled Naval 6 pounder gun provides a clue as to identification. The problems of these guns digging in on rough terrain or catching on trees or buildings proved that a shorter barrel was better by a long shot :)
Sketch of the Mark V with a unique trench crossing apparatus
Sketch of the Mark V with a unique trench crossing apparatus
Mark IV andf dead soldier
Study this photo... Note the mangled corpse and imagine all he could have been, the heartbreak of his family, the dismal foggy, cold, and deathlike landscape. Ain't war fun ?!
Indiana Jones tankIndiana Jones movie poster
This monster, fashioned after the Mark IV was created for the Indiana Jones movie. It would have crossed trenches like an antelope

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Bovington Tank Museum - United Kingdom Tank Museum
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Tank Museum-Kubinka, Russia
Australian War Memorial- Canberra, Australia

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