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Laird Turner Meteor - $$4.95

En route to the races Turner flew through a hail storm. He repaired the damage and entered the Thompson Trophy Race and was running second behind Steve Wittman and his D-12 "Bonzo". Wittman developed trouble on the 17th lap and Turner slid into the lead.

The Laird Turner Meteor Racer

model-Laird-Turner Meteor

In 1936, Col. Roscoe Turner, an old timer in the race game, felt the need of a new racing mount. Colonel Turner, Nevada National Guard, had been a famous name in race history since 1924. Along with his robin's egg blue uniform, whipcord breeches, military cap, gold wings with RT in bold letters, he also had Gilmore the lion.

This model was designed by a fellow designer, Dr. Jim Cookson, Granite Bay, Ca and is available courtesy of him. He also designed the 1938 and 1937. This model is in this one page format only-at this time.

Laird Meteor

Laird Meteor