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Spad XIII Collection - $$15.95

It first flew on April 4, 1917, and the following month was already being delivered to the French Air Service. Other Allied forces were quick to adopt the new fighter as well, and nearly half of the 893 purchased for the United States Army Air Service were still in service in 1920. It was also exported to Japan, Poland, and Czechoslovakia after the war


The WWI Scout SPAD 13 (XIII)




SPAD XIII-title image

SPAD XIII: This is the robust French fighter that the American Ace Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker and his 'Hat in the Ring' Squadron made history.

Produced in large quantity and flown by sharp pilots, It was one of the major factors to allied victory in WWI.Mike Smith sent in these really neat variations .







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SPAD XIII-Mark JohnsonRe the SPAD 13 model: Lt. Ben Jones was my father. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but I am trying to get together as much information as possible on his WWI service for our family scrapbook. He served at the front with the squadron for only a couple of weeks before the armistice. I have pics of my father, but not of this "Zig Zag" plane. Ben Jones Jr. (Formerly a Lieutenant also)

Hi, You guys are full of surprises. I was snooping around the site and found 4 pretty new SPADs. I'm wondering if you are going to send out Magic Keys on these. Please, please, please. Thanks, Tim (April 27, 01)

SPADS, SPADS, SPADS..I was sitting here at work, wondering why I should go on and not just flush myself down the toilet. Then I opened my mail and the reason was clear. Chip saved my life again! Thanks for the spads. Roger

Chip, this is great! This is great! This is great! You guys are fantastic!! Tally Ho! Glenn R. (April 27, 01)SPAD XIII-Derek

Funny colored Spads just absolutely spectacular. So very far behind in models to do. You dig hole even deeper with spiffy Spads. So talented. Sorry. Mind gone. I go now too......FP (apr 01)

I thought it prudent to reply to this latest magic key download and thank you and your colleagues for such a magnificent collection. With over seven months of future downloads to come I think that I'll still be making this lot in my retirement, without duplicating a single model, and that's still a good number of years away. Keep up the good work and don't forget my original suggestions for new models - civil airliners. Regards Martin

Thanks again to Dick Doll for this SPAD.. Wheels are made from rubber "O' rings

SPAD VARIATIONS from Bob Pearson's 'Profiles of the 94th Aero Squadron'

Spad XIII Collection

The webpage for the single SPAD XIII model is HERE

SPAD XIII-checkered model
SPAD XIII-checkered
SPAD XIII-Luke balloon
SPAD XIII-surrender
SPAD XIII-dogfight
SPAD XIII-versions
SPAD XIII-versions3



SPAD XIII-three view

Modeln' Pal Mike Smith created this collection for which we are grateful


SPAD XIII for Capt Chambers
Capt Reed Chambers
"Flag Bus"
SPAD XIII for Capt Donaldson
Capt Robert Donaldson's "Checkerboard"
SPAD XIII for Lt Dawson
Lt Ken Dawson's
SPAD XIII for Lt Cook
Lt. Cook's "Lightning Bolt"


WWI Veterans version by Dennis Brooks (Thanks!)