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Privy - $$3.95

This is a complete re-design. Easy to put together. Reduce to any size and add a few to your model railroad layout. Two new models were added 10/11, a Vermont Privy, and a very crooked Outhouse. Earlier version is now obsolete but still included in folder. Can't have too many privies!!

Privy - Outhouses and Thunder box



'thunderbox outhouse

Really Easy to put together.

Reduce it to any size and add a few to your model railroad layout. More versions of privy's are in the works.
Two more models were added, a Vermont Privy, and a very Crooked Outhouse. (below)


Classy Outhouse
Wonky Outhouse Downloadable cardmodelClassy Outhouse-Cardmodel
These are the cardmodels of the two outhouses shown (1:25 scale) and are included in the 'Privy' folder, along with the 'THUNDERBOX' outhouse above
Wonky Outhouse-Privy

Privy by Dave Caldwell
Privy cardmodel
Carrdmodel Outhouse
This is the original version and is included in the folder as 'obsolete'

What people say..
Thank you for the treats! They're something to do with my hands and gifts to give away. David

I love building these paper model crappers. Not sure why, but I do.

See an outhouse you resonate with?? (you're in trouble :)
Create a cardmodel and we'll include it here and IF it meets our standard and in the FG format (see thunderbox above), we might even be able to pay you something.

A beautiful landscaped brick Out-House. Notice the pot of flowers holding the door closed

Who says Outhouses can't be modern?? See the electric wire coming in?

This is a German Outhouse ..Evidently, the cutout heart signifies a privy in that part of the world

(left) This lovely structure WAS an outhouse but is now a school bus waiting station for the kids.
(above) An outhouse with an owner who surely has a wonderful sense of humor

An Outhouse with a woman's touch

I'll bet a builder owns THIS one.. Look at the shingles and the not very common off-center entrance.

This gorgeous Privy is a little TOO inviting

Its not too often you'll see a two storey Out House

Don't need a flashlite to find this little Privy in the dark!!

Nice.. except for the different sized door hinges. Note the corn cobs..ouch!

Look for this rustic Privy when next you're traveling around in Alaska

Built like a what?

Mobile Command Center

What people say:
Thank you for your generous offers. The flying witch was a hit. The Thunderbox brings back memories. When I was growing up in Alaska we used one for awhile. Not too bad except in the winter. We kept a seat behind the wood stove to keep it warm. Again, thank you very much. Keep these masterpieces coming! Jeff

I had to laugh when I saw the spiders liberally sprinkled around. Talk about bringing back memories. One of my sets of grandparents lived in a very small, semi wide spot on a back road in southern West Virginia. They had electricity, but the running water was from a well with a hand pump in the kitchen (this was a long time ago--could it really be more than half a century ago?). So, they had an outhouse. I *HATED* that place. It wasn't just that it smelled funny. It was the spiders that were as big as my head that lived there. And the splinters. Thanks for the chuckle to go with my morning coffee. Beth W