Bobbin' Head Cow - $$3.00

The Bobbin' Head Cow a fun easy model for the kids!

The Bobbin' Head Cow

Bobbin Head COw



What People Say...

Made your great bobbin' head cow tonight with one small and not too difficult modification. I suspended the head assembly by a thread instead of balancing on the fulcrum. It bobs up and down, side to side and even rotates back and forth about its head-neck axis a bit for 10 - 15 seconds when not on a moving surface. Will try it on my dashboard tomorrow. robare (02/03/02)

I am a Scoutmaster for BSA Troop 6, and am in charge of the programs for Cub Scout Day Camp 2001. Our theme for this year is "Down On the Farm". I found your bobbing head cow on your web site and would like to ask if we could use this as one of our projects. There would be no charge to the boys for the project, and we would give credit to Fiddler's Green for the use of the project. Thanking you in advance for your consideration on this matter. Maurice Pyne , Scoutmaster, Troop 6, Hailey, Idaho

ANSWER: sure!!


Bobbin head Cow