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Dragon - $$10.00

This stunning dragon and accessories was designed by Richard Dery. It comes with a castle wall, portcullis, damsel in distress, knight on his trusty steed, and dragontamer squire flatties. The whole model is on ten pages.


King Richard's Storybook Dragon

dragon head
dragon model

Important Information about Dragons

      Dragons are known to have lived in the mythical lands, far beyond the sea. Although they look rather frightening and can even be dangerous when they're hungry, a good dragon (also called a "lucky" dragon in the Far East) can be a sign of good things to come.

      Some stories survive about brave knights and humble squires who have raised dragons after having stumbled across them when they were still in their eggs. Unfortunately, the proper conditions required for hatching a dragon's egg have never been recorded.

      It is important to note that a dragon cannot actually be tamed or trained, and you would never consider one to be a pet. However, it is possible to befriend them, in which case they are likely to behave remarkably well.

squire cartoon
Knight in shining armor

How to Slay a Dragon

      Dragons generate large amounts of methane gas, which is ignited by a tiny symbiotic insect (not a dragonfly) which in turn depends on the dragon for heat. The record for the highest temperature ever created by a reptile, and the record for the highest temperature ever created by an insect, is shared by these two amazing creatures.

      Because a dragon needs his flame to roast his meat, he may go for long periods of time without eating while he waits for the dragonmite to emerge from the ground. This can take up to seventeen years. It is during these long dormant periods that dragons are the most vulnerable.

      Although dragons are protected from outright slaughter, the best way to slay a dragon is to use plenty of pesticides which kill the insects they depend on for their flame.

assembly instructions

How to Build Your Own Dragon

      If you can't find an egg, or if you don't have enough room to to make a nest for a dragon, then you can build one from paper and practice your dragonry in a more controlled environment.

      A pair of scissors and some regular white glue will be helpful, and the assembly instructions on the left will help you to see how it goes together.

      You should also get some help downloading and printing this model on your printer. If it doesn't come out quite right, then have no fear, because you can always print out another one and build it again until it comes out the way you want it to.

Ten Pages of Model'n Madness! Goes Great with Fiddlersgreen Story Book Houses.

dragon slayer figure people of the kingdom

Learn how to draw a dragon by watching these videos.

Watch Gary fly his Modified Gliding Dragon


What People Say...

Cole (age 6) "You can put any price you want on it?   You should make it one thousand dollars!"

Tyler (age 12) "You should have an auction to see who gets the first one."

Gary Dare (age 54) "Scott, Thanks SOOOO much for the Dragon Model. I LOVE it. Give Richard my congratulations on a wonderful creation. And I always LOVE the info included as always with the model. This is an important part of what FG and your Dad is all about. "

Anthony Sanchez: "I saw your dragon that's being released later this week....... WOW what a beauty that is"

Dennis Brooks: Scott, How do I find the Ankylosaurus and download King Richard's Dragon? I have always been a dragon fan. My wife and I converted a sewing pattern to make a mythical dragon for my daughter when she was very young. It hung over her bed and we still have it."

Historic Aviation: 'Dragon' is a rather poetic term to describe an aircraft.

Dragon Relaxing after a Good Meal

A Knight comes over for dinner

      This dragon has been eating well. You can tell by his rounded belly and the toothpick in his mouth.

      Later this evening, he will be using that same toothpick to build one of his favorite paper models... The Knight and the whole cycle will start all over again.