Doc Drummond - $$4.00

Doc Drummond was a friend of the Lone Ranger and Tonto. He had an office in town where he stitched up a few holes in his pals (when he was sober)


Lone Ranger Town Models

A lot of people ate Cheerios three times a day back in the 40's because that's how you got the Lone Ranger models on the back of the box. It was a whole town! And you could build it - if only you could eat enough Cherios. Cereal box cardboard was not the best thing for modeling, but it went with the Lone Ranger Radio Show, and what could be "more swell" than that?

You needed to eat 9 boxes to get the whole set. Each box had three different buildings on the back, and you could even order more if you had a dime, a boxtop, an envelope and a stamp.

On this page you will see some of the old and some of the new, and I think you'll agree that paper modeling has come a log way over the years.

Southwest Section

Southwest Section of Lone Ranger Layout
In 1948 the Lone Ranger Frontier Town was released. As you listened to The Lone Ranger radio show the voice of Fred Foy told you, "In celebration of the 15th year of this program you can get your very own model of the Lone Ranger Frontier Town. With this offer you can follow the adventures of The Lone Ranger and Tonto."

* Doc Drummond's office
* Sheriff Taylor's office
* The Meetin' House


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