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Knight - $$8.50

Richard Derry, the designer who brought you the Dinosaurs, and most recently the Fantasy Dragon, has brought another excellent model to be added to the Fiddlers Green line up, and is worthy of decorating your office, or protecting your pet dragons.

Knight in Shining Armor


King Richards Knight
What people say...
Hey Scott, Pretty easy build. Nicely designed model. Only really had a little trouble with the knee protectors. YMP Bob


painting of a knight When you hear the term knight, a few things come to mind, the legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table; stories of the chivalry demonstrated by knights in shining armor, as they save the captured princess; or if you're into extreme sports, perhaps you've watched Full Metal Jousting.Renaissance Faires abound throughout the world, but the universal thing that people want to see, is the Armored Knight.
picture of chain mail The word "armor" was introduced in the Middle Ages, around 1300, and was derived from the French word armoire, which is defined as "mail, defensive covering worn during combat." In fact, chain mail was the primary protection of knights for many centuries, which could consist of more than 200,000 interlocking rings woven painstakingly by hand to form a shirt, coif, or leggings. Because of the mild steel produced in the Middle ages, each ring had to be riveted to keep all the rings from spreading and opening under the weight of the piece. Underneath the metal armor the knight would wear a padded garment known as a gambeson. Defensive equipment consisted of a shield (usually made of leather-covered wood), and a helmet.

Much like the arms race of today, the medieval arms race progressed and new, more powerful weapons were developed (such as the longbow and crossbow), chainmail became less effective on its own, and around the late 13th Century plate armor began to appear; initially as reinforcements to vital areas such as the chest and shoulders to full plate armor in the early 15th century, which is what most people associate to the traditional "Knight in Shining Armor." Chainmail armor was now relegated to protecting smaller areas that were not practical to protect with plate armor, such as joints and under the arm, and protecting oneself in battle has always been a concern for a soldier, and knights were no exception. In fact, it was their armor that helped define them as a military unit and social class. Armoring one's self during the Middle Ages was a great expense that only the wealthy could afford.

shiled of a knight diagram of a knight emblem of a lion

Unlike the knights of old, you don't need to haul around nearly 50 pounds of iron, spend endless hours hammering it out on an anvil, or hawk the family farm in order to have your own display piece. A printer, some scissors, glue and a bit of time, and you have yourself a nice suit of armor that you can proudly display anywhere in your home and office.

paper model of a knight paper model of a knight paper model of a knight

Thanks to our modeling pal Bob Martin for these pictures of Richard's latest creation.

paper model bust of a knight cartoon of a knight
paper model of the black knight paper model of the black knight

This new version of the "Black Knight" was painted by Dave Winfield and submitted by Rick "Richkat" Thompson Thanks guys!

Birdman says, "The Knight is one of the best models I've done, Every thing fits very well making assembly a breeze!! Only don't fly."

Scott: I put this in the Knight folder. If you have the knight, then you have the black knight as well.

Dragon Relaxing after a Good Meal

A Knight comes over for dinner

      This dragon has been eating well. You can tell by his rounded belly and the toothpick in his mouth.

      Later this evening, he will be using that same toothpick to build one of his favorite paper models... and the whole cycle will start all over again. Click to see more about the The Dragon