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Pinta - $$5.50

The third of Richard Dery's Columbus ships to complete the collection. Also in this group is the Nina and the Santa Maria.

The Pinta



beta build of the Pinta paper model ship
Christopher Columbus's Pinta Caravel Style Ship


This is Richard Dery's model of the Pinta which was one of the ships on Columbus's first voyage. It was headed by Martin Alonzo Pinzon, who died a few days after returning from the New World. It was a lovely little trade ship that got separated a few times during the expedition and tried to make it back to Europe before Columbus could.


Original Configuration

Specs and Dimensions: The square rigged Pinta was smaller than the other caravel ship in the expedition, the Santa Maria. This ship also weighed about 60 tons and was about 17 meters (56 ft) long and 5.36 meters (17.6 ft) wide.


pinta replica
One of many different Replicas of the Pinta. No one knows for sure exactly what it looked like.
pinta artwork
Another artist's rendition of the Pinta.

Pinta sample of paper model
Sneak peek at the fine quality of this paper model



Nina and Pinta Replicas from 1893
Nina and Pinta Replicas from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition
(Note: This photo is in the public domain in the United States)



Silver coin for expenses

Iberian coin
The marevadi was a coin used to pay for part of the expenses of the trip by Martin Alonzo Pinzon.

Rigging of The Pinta

Pinta Line Drawing illustration
The Pinta was square rigged.

Martin Alonzo Pinzón

Sculpture of the captain of The Pinta
Captain and co-owner of The Pinta, Martin was the eldest of the three Pinzón brothers, who also were on the first expedition.


Stats and Specs

  • Name - "La Pinta" (Spanish for "the pint" )
  • Owner - Cristobal Quintero, coowner Martin Alonzo Pinzón
  • Captain - Martin Alonzo Pinzón (first expedition of Columbus)
  • Crew - 26 men (some of which were reformed prisoners)
  • Sleeping Quarters - hammocks, after they were discovered in the Americas


Prisoners for Crew?

Yep. In exchange for their freedom many of the crew members were released from prison. It was difficult to find crew members for this expedition, but the Pinzon brothers were able to get a few of their pals out of the clink in exchange for their service on this adventure.



Scratch Built Pinta

pinta paper model by bob martin
Bob Martin couldn't wait to get the Pinta model, so he scratch built his own based on the plans from the previous models.

What People Say

Hi guys, I used to be a very active modeler (I should have a full set of planes and some other things bought via magic keys. Unfortunately being a 75 year old pensioner in South Africa where the exchange rate is about 10:1, I no longer can afford new models. I built the Nina not long ago, the first model in quite a long time (eyes playing up) and really enjoyed it. I have insufficient store credit to buy the sister ship, Is there any of your angels who could help with the missing $2? I built a few models which were featured on your web site in the old days. Best wishes to you all and keep up the good work. - George Burgess, South Africa

Sure, no problem George... as soon as I can locate your account. We have tons of donated credit that is just looking for a home. -YMP Scott

Your site is the joy of many modelers who appreciate your research and design of real treasures.

Jim Stagg
Newnan, GA

Thanks Jim,
For the most part, my perspective on a model is always in terms of the artistic beauty and joyful presentation of the model on the page. I derive huge satisfaction from seeing the work of artists like Richard and Vlad, and that pleasure is never diminished by the real life function of the item depicted. The problem only arises for me when I set about to produce a web page that explains that model in terms of its historical significance. I'm concerned about the misrepresentation of history through corporate media outlets which largely influence the opinion of the entire world in a manner I feel is destructive to the human race.

YMP, Scott

Hi Scott, just one question did Columbus have three ships, Santa Maria, Nina and the Pinta? Is that correct and will we get the third ship? Just curious. Anyways, have a nice weekend, you still have the best site around. -Mitch

Hi Mitch,
He didn't actually have any ships. He was a loser.
The third ship, LA Pinta, is done. We just needed someone to write some history about it for the web page. You're more than welcome to participate with this, In fact, I think you already did without knowing it. - YMP Scott

I was especially interested to see the models of Columbus’ ships. I have a fairly decent set of references on them and am looking forward to making and tweaking the models. For example, I noticed that the Santa Maria model called for ratlines – as I recall off the top of my head, they were not in use yet in 1492. I hope all is well with you. We’re gearing up for the next IPMC in October. - Best regards, Peter Ansoff

The third of the Chris C. ships is done and I would be happy to have you check it out for accuracy if you would like to. We also have a Viking ship on the way, but I'm a little backlogged right now with strange happenings. An old horse wandered onto the ranch and we are not set up to care for old horses, so it's been a bit of a distraction lately. Also restoring an actual railroad building from 1910 in San Simon Arizona and setting it up as a Bed and Breakfast. On top of that, we're building an RV camp in Benson. The idea is to let the Model'n Pals come and stay for free when they are on vacation. All this to add value to your subscription. I know it may sound a bit crazy, but FG has always been out there on the edge in one way or another, so I don't think people will flinch or wince too much when they get the news.
Not sure if I'll be at the convention this year, but I would absolutely love to come. Thanks for keeping such a special event available for the modelers. - YMP Scott Fyn

Hey Scott,
Couldn't wait for the Pinta release!!! So here is "My Rendition" of it. I used parts from the Santa Maria & Nina to build it. I used the artists rendition of the Pinta on sheet 6 of the Nina. Also I like um small, so I printed them on 4"x 6" sheets. Curious to see how close the Pinta will be to the one when it is released. I've also done the Santa Maria even smaller. 2" x 4" sheets. Hope all is well with you all. :-) YMP Bob, aka Birdman
Birdman's Pinta Paper Model



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