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Triceratops - $$8.50

Richard Derry stuns, delights, amazes and educates us once again with the third model in his dinosaur collection, Triceratops: the critter with the three-horned face. Along with this model, you also get the Triceratops bones (skeleton) model.

Richard Derry and his Terrible Lizards


Richard Derry the Aviator
Oh No! He looks HUNGRY!

I received a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the University of Connecticut in 1983, but I've been drawing, painting and building models of all kinds for as long as I can remember. With cardboard, paper and glue my brother Paul and I started making airplanes, tanks, spaceships, and what ever, back when I was in grade school.

Our homemade toys probably outnumbered our store bought ones by about 10-1.When I was 8 years old my father bought me my first balsa airplane kit. It was a WWI SPAD 13. It took my dad and I over a year to finish it, but I was hooked. I haven't stopped building model airplanes since. I still build and fly RC airplanes today.

Growing up in Connecticut, My family made the hour-long pilgrimage to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome to see Cole Palin's air show almost every year. Seeing his amazing collection of WWI birds take to the air every summer inspired many of the models I've built over the years. I did some hang-gliding in my college days but never got my pilots licence. No regrets though, because I've been able to fly every airplane I ever dreamed of... Just not full-scale...

Richard Derry Triceratops Head
Richard Derry Triceratops Surprisingly, my involvement with Fiddlers Green did not begin with airplanes, but rather WWI tanks. I created my first FG model September of 2010. It was a French Renault tank. That was the beginning of an 8 tank collection. When I began that project I didn't even know that many different tanks were built during the 'Great War'. But that's the neat thing about Fiddlers Green! You always get an education while building these interesting models.

I have had the privilege of creating a handful of pioneer aircraft for FG and hope to do many more, but currently I seem to have returned to a different part of my childhood. My first love. Dinosaurs... Seriously though, do you know any 5 year old boy that doesn't love dinosaurs?

I live in Torrington, CT with my wife, Cindy, and children, Benjamin and Rebekah. I am a prepress operator at Eastwood Printing, and along with various free-lance jobs hope to one day publish a children's book.

Richard with T Rex and Xray T Rex


(Three-horned face)

Triceratops was a powerful beast with sharp horns and massive muscles who roamed around North America at the same time that T. rex. was also roaming. I always wondered what would happen if they had a difference of opinion. Would they be able to work it out? There's a good chance that the situation could have deteriorated and some damage to their skeletons could have taken place.

With the help of some bio-mechanical robots, BBC and the Discovery Channel have teamed up to try to answer some questions about such an encounter.

Here are the first two parts of "The Truth about Killer Dinosaurs - T-rex and Triceratops"


Scott Fyn - If you are a student or a teacher I will put this educational model in your folder for free.

Happy Holidays from Triceratops

some Upper Cretaceous vegetation