12 free models without signup

Daily Free Models Without Signup

Some friends on the Facebook Page suggested that we make it easier to find the link for people who want a daily free model without having to sign up for anything. It's also a little awkward to have to scroll down to find it. I completely understand the sentiment because I hate signing up for things unless I absolutely have to. The 12 models you find at this link are old and they don't have instructions to go with them. That should be okay because they are pretty easy to figure out.

Three more Free Models With Signup

To make it clear, we have a list of free models from which you can choose (3) to keep in your Fiddlersgreen account available to download whenever you need them if you are willing to open an account. When you select your three free models, don't put them in the shopping cart or it will ask you to pay for them. Click near the top of your MyModels Page where it says "please select your three free models" (in red) and then scroll down to see the free models list. Click in the right hand column on the word "download" to make the model one of your three free ones. The left hand link with the name of the model will just take you to the info page that describes the model. Also, if you ever need a password reset or help with your verification, or if you need any personal assistance, feel free to write to me. My email is at ChipFyn@gmail.com and I'll be there for you.

Magic Keys Subscription for 7 more models per week

After you have opened your account and have chosen your three free models, you might want to get 7 more per week to put into your online folder. The cost is very affordable and you can order through your MyModels folder.

screenshot of paper model airplanes website
Daily Free Model Link without Sign-up