The "Spoiler" fold-up paper model

The "Spoiler" fold-up paper model

Step one: Fold paper in half long-wise and fold in the corners to the crease. This is the easy bit..
 Step two: Mark off (or estimate if you're good!), three equal divisons on the model and fold along the outer-most division..
Step three: Fold the tip of your Spoiler model down onto the first (inside) fold and just make a crease..After that fold it back up.
 Step Four: Flip your Spoiler over and fold back over the crease you made in step three. You've just made a weighted nose.

Step Five: With the tip sill folder over, fold the outer sides into the center cease, then return .

Step Six: Lets' do a mountain fold now, folding the outer sides back.

Step Seven: We need to drop down the wings next and we'll keep them in close to the fuselage for the time being. This is a good time to put a quick staple through the fuselage to keep things tight and tidy...

Step Eight: With the wings still flat, fold the corners along a line that's parallel to the leading edge of the wing..

Step Nine: NOW, we'll bring those wings up into flying position and adjust those little spoiler tabs that will make your model the WORSE flying model you'll ever see.. :-) Launch your little spoiler with a gentle level throw.. The model will stop at the end of it's labored flight adn float gently to earth... Scare the heck out of the cat...