The Famous Flying Wedgie

The Famous Flying Wedgie

Step One: Fold the paper vertically (length wise) and then un-fold it to make a crease up the middle..
Step Two: Fold the outer corners into the center crease. This is how a lot of these Fold n' Fly models start out..

Step Three: Fold the triangular top down as shown.

Step Four: Fold the upper corners down with the corners meeting on the crease line. After this fold the airplane back on itself as shown in STEP 5
Step 5: Plane is folded back on itself..
Step 6: Next we need to make the Wedgie's wings. Simply fold the top edges down

 Step 7: With the wings ice and horizontal, staple the fuselage together anywhere along the fuselage.. Then to give your model a good serious ballast in the nose, a small paper clip is jsut the ticket..

The great feature of the 'Wedgie' is that the flying surfaces are so easy to adjust. If the model dives, bend the trailing surface upward jsut a tad and watch it stretch out that glide..Make it bank and return to you with a little tab adjustments.. Try it!!