Free Downloadable Cardmodels For Kids


Looking for an inexpensive, quiet and creative hobby? Do you like to make really neat stuff with your hands? Welcome to card modeling! This page gives a brief introduction to the world of card modeling (also called paper modeling). And a few free starter downloads you're going to love. Lets get going. Click on the images to download and print. You will then find the files in your downloads folder.

Free Educational Model: Virus

Cool stuff.

Explore the facinating world of the micro-cosmos and keep your hands busy at the same time. This content intended for home school geniuses-in-the-making, or others who are just plain bored of learning.

colored-corona-virus-papermodel black-and-white-corona-virus-papermodel


Click the image on the right for the pdf file of color coronavirus paper model. Click the black and white one on the left one if you want to color it yourself (we doubt anyone really knows for sure what color these things are, so you can be creative)

If you have no printer, these can be mailed to you free of charge (must be 18 or older, sorry.)

Ms. Cow

Creating three-dimensional objects from paper is a fascinating and rewarding challenge. The use of paper or card stock to make models is hundreds of years old, and is enjoyed by people around the world. Subjects for card models are as diverse as aircraft, buildings, trains, vehicles and even animals, and the tools are simple: hobby knife, a cutting surface, and a little white glue. As your experience grows you will find yourself trying new techniques, and building more complex and ambitious projects. Perhaps you will even try designing your own models. (see designers corner)

For school projects or just plain fun, there are a huge number of FREE papermodels on the internet. Because of the use of sharp cutting tools, and the challenge of folding, positioning and gluing parts correctly, why not go and ask your parents for a little help with your first couple projects. Our newest free school project we are offering is our new Wind Generator!

Wind Generator Privy Sailplane

Adobe Acrobat Reader - You will need this program (free) to print models

UnZip - If you don't already have an 'unzip' program to extract files from .ZIP archives, this can be used (free).


Christmas tree with paper model airplanes as ornaments by Clair Ryan and his grandson Charles


Click on the pictures below to download zipped pdf files of Rudolf and Santa paper models


hako Rudolf paper model hako Santa paper model


Click here to see other "already built" hako models from Masamune Washington on his Etsy store