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MiG-21-Collection - $$15.95

As of 7/29/09, there are 14 unique versions of the newly designed Mig-21 Supersonic Russian Fighter cardmodel.. More (probably many!!) to come. Every version comes in two sizes and with great Fiddlersgreen instructions.

An Entire Mig-21 Cardmodel Collection downloadable from Fiddlersgreen

Mig-21 Cardmodel Collection downloadable from Fiddlersgreen


The Glessner MIG-21

Information about the Mig-21 is on the single model page.

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Nice job on the Mig 21 revamp, I especially like Ivan the Guard! I haven't done any building in a while, may have to change that and then put Ivan on duty in front of them.
Figured I'd just send a quick note to say good job. Stephen Gifford
Designer John Glessner-Mig-21 model
Nose Details of Glessner mig-21
Designer, Dr John Glessner has always had a keen interest in the Russian Mig-21 Fishbed along with a super keen interest in cardmodeling.. You'll see his perfect little models all over the Fiddlersgreen website.
Designer John Glessner-Mig-21 model
Designer John Glessner-Mig-21 inverted
This Mig -21 model will prove to be one of our most popular ones with TEN individual and unique versions submitted BEFORE the re-designed model was even released ! John's redesign puts the original Fiddlersgreen Mig-21 to shame and will most certainly be the gold standard for years to come. BTW, the original FG model is included in the folder along with a sheet of ordnance. AND YES... a fantasy version of a Twin Mig-21

Mig-21-Fishbed-twin version
Mig-21-Fishbed-twin version finished

Here is a “What IF” model offered by Fiddlersgreen from their Mig 21 many versions Collection. For support I stuffed the center wing section with tissue and pushed through a wood skewer stick for attaching the two fuselages. Each nose cone was weighted with a .177 cal pellet.

Wing span eight inches. Fuselages ten inches. Bob Penikas

Mig-21 landing gear doors

I traced the fuselage gear door openings, retraced that onto the centerline fuel tank parts page and cut out the new doors. I installed the two inner doors in a closed position, then installed the outer doors open just for more stuff to hang down.
Two Photos attached. Bob Penikas

Mig-21 landing gear doors
Note the doors have been fixed and are now the correct size
Mig-21 and Chip
It's hard to believe that's cardstock!!
Fantasy MiG-21

The link to the single MIG-21 model offer is HERE