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Paddy-Wagon-Medieval - $$4.50

Because the is no crime what-so-ever, this is a totally un-necessary vehicle for our 100% safe Medieval Story Book Village. Hmmmm...perhaps there is no crime because of this dreaded omnipresent paddy wagon. Two sizes includes horse and driver and a set of flags you'll find interesting (Feb 2011)

Paddy Wagon-Medieval

Medieval Paddy Wagon-Goes with the Border Crossing Story Book Model


Even a safe and magical environment like our Story Book Village needs a police presence..So here's a Paddy-Wagon. But these present days are far from peaceful in our real world so we've included a few flags for that poor unfortunate hand sticking out from the bars. This model will be released with our Border Crossing model
(ref:Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Iran, Sudan, Bahrain. Libya, Iraq- as of Feb 25 2011)


What people say...

"Cart before the house" - HA! You just gave me a morning chuckle. Thank you! (And I bookmarked your homepage.) Kathryn

Love your guys work! I really like the diverse collection and really like the story book houses.
Keep it up! I think you all missed an opportunity with the rebellion flags. You should add the flag of the state of Wisconsin. John
ans:Rather than update the page (and model!) in the months to come, lets just upload ALL 50 flags??!! Also Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain,, Pirate flag for BofA, Chase, Morgan Stanley? chip



Paddy-Wagon from behind
Paddy-Wagon from the front
Thanks to Derek Roberts and Bob Martin-who borrowed his wife's lovely horse collection as you can see :)
Bob Martin's Cart Wheel Tutorial.. HERE
Paddy-Wagon upper view
Paddy-Wagon with Budweiser horse
Paddy-Wagon with blue horse
Paddy-Wagon with Indian chick
Paddy-Wagon - cuddly horse
- more images to come -


Mule cutout
Derek Roberts originally created this cart and mule model to go with the Fiddlersgreen Border Crossing model. The kit includes Driver and Donkey to the right above and comes in two sizes. Have Magic Keys? Look for it in your Miscellanous Folder