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SPRUCE-TREE - $$2.00

An easy to put together Spruce Tree. (See webpage. Comes in Green, Blue-ish, and BW so you can color your own. Three sizes..the largest being about 12 inches high. Perfect for a crafty table/mantle Christmas decoration.

Spruce tree downloadable cardmodel

Spruce Tree-Downloadable Cardmodel



A SPRUCE TREE is a coniferous evergreen tree that comes from the species Picea. There are approximately 35 different species of spruce trees that grow within the northern hemisphere. These coniferous evergreens are known to live to a very old age and can grow extremely tall, sometimes reaching heights of 200 feet.

A spruce tree is called a coniferous evergreen because its needles stay green all year round and it bears cones that grow on the ends of the branches. The different types of spruce trees include the Norway spruce tree, the blue spruce tree, the white spruce tree and the black spruce tree. Spruce trees can be found in dwarf versions as well. A dwarf spruce tree tends to grow slower and reach heights no taller than eight feet.

We've created a free downloadable spruce tree as an accessory to our Clockmaker's Cozy Story Book House. It seems to be the perfect 'touch' think outside the box and use a few for Christmas decorations on the mantle or table, Model Railroad layouts, or color-in classroom projects.. Sky is the limit..

A DOWNLOADABLE SPRUCE TREE made from Fiddlersgreen cardstock models..

Spruce trees may differ in color from one specimen to another. For instance, the blue spruce shows off a silver-blue color in its needles while the Norway spruce bears a deep, bright green color. The white spruce is known for having a white layer on the needles that feels waxy when touched. On the other hand, the black spruce tree exhibits very dark needles.

Blue Spruce tree
Blue Spruce trees are enjoyed as Christmas trees and leave the nice woodsie aroma inside the house during the holiday season. Transplanted carefully, they will continue growing in the yard.
Blue Spruce cone and Needless

Spruce trees are usually planted in a landscaping format to provide a windbreak or a snow fence for a person's property. Spruce trees, particularly the Norway spruce, are planted in forests to keep them thick, making an excellent habitat for a variety of wild animals.

This particular species of tree is often used to manufacture paper. The fibers within the spruce wood are long, making this wood ideal to use in paper manufacturing. The wood of the spruce tree can also be used to create various musical instruments and other wooden products.

The oils that are extracted from the leaves and branches of the spruce tree have been used to make spruce beer. Native Americans have found this type of tree very helpful in their lifestyle. They are known to use the roots of the tree to weave baskets and sometimes use the tree sap to produce a gum for them to chew. Large amounts of vitamin C can be found in the spruce needles. The needles can be eaten whole or boiled into a tea.

Not many problems are found when planting and growing spruce trees. The spruce beetle can be dangerous to the growth and survival of the spruce tree, along with the spider mite and the spruce gall aphid. However, problems with these insects are usually rare, and most spruce trees will grow without much hassle and remain disease-free.

Worlds Largest Spruce TreeWorld’s Largest Spruce Tree
Lake Quinault is the “Valley of the Rain Forest Giants©” and the Big Spruce Tree at the Resort is one of them. The tree is the World’s Largest Spruce with a circumference of 58 feet, 11 inches, diameter of 18 feet, 9 inches and 191 feet tall.. A very large tree near Seaside, Oregon claims to be the United States largest spruce tree. The American Forestry Association declared them close enough to be CO-champions. But a little bigger is still bigger, sorry Seaside.

For a limit time
FREE Spruce (Christmas) Tree download
(LARGE size in Green, Blue, & BW)


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(Green large sized 1:18 Dolls House scale as free bee)

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