Model airplanes from aluminium soda and soft drink pop cans..

These sites certainly deserve to be in the WSAM Hall of Ecology:

Below are a couple samples of their work and there are several others on their site.
They promise more in the future.

Your models of the FG airplanes are absolute gems! Some paper modelers would be envious of the results you've achieved with aluminum cans. I'd like to know what you use as an adhesive to hold them together. "Can" it be as simple as Super Glue? I'd love to see a tutorial, taking us through the construction process ..Joe Cangero

 Soda Can Spitfire  The Morane-Saulnier Bullet
If you want to see tin can metal airplane sculpture at it's vey best visit this site:
 The Fiddlers Geen Liberator

 Joe has published this great little book on soda cans that you can order by emailing him at:

 Thanks for the kind remarks. All soda cans are plated on the outside (Alumaplate) All you have to do is use paint remover and a little SOS on the
label side and you have very bright material. All the models are nothing
more than paper models used as patterns on aluminum. The models get a lot of attention because they look like aluminum and silver paint just doesn't have
that look.

Joe Barker



Chip et al,

These are neat models especially with the color schemes provided.As evidenced by the soda can versions they have tremendous usefor many modeling variations. Harold Bickford, (Feb20, 01)
If you are interested Chip, I am a union sheetmetal worker by trade. I bought the models of the Fokker DR1, Sopwith Camel, Nieuport 28, and the SPAD 13. I then glued them to cereal boxes, cut them out, scribed them onto COPPER sheetmetal. I then broke them up instead of folding them, soldered them instead of gluing them, and used electrical wire for the struts and landing gear. I also used a pair of discs I soldered together and flared at the edges to accept an O-ring for the wheels. I am seriously considering buying your CD to have even more fun with sheetmetal. My next project will be the Messerschmidt 262 I downloaded free. Keep up the good work. One of your new fans, Robert