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Designed in 1918 by Ford Motor Corp it was intended as a quick and easy substitute to the Renault FT-17. 15,000 were ordered but only fifteen were actually produced and then only two were shipped to France for battle before the 'war to end all wars'...ended. This 3 ton light WWI tank, about as heavy as an SUV, was powered by two off-the-shelf model T engines.

Ford M1918-WWI-Tank

Ford M1918 WWI Light Tank


With an order for 15,000 units at a production rate of 100 per day, The M1918 was designed in 1918 by Ford Motor Corp. It was intended as an emergency substitute to the Renault FT-17, which it was also modeled after. Sadly, only fifteen were actually produced while only two were shipped to France for battle in the war to end all wars. This weapon of the Allies was a compact Armored Fighting Vehicle constructed to carry only two men and mount a single M1919 Browning machine gun. This little treasure featured two Model T engines and a Ford planetary transmission which was enabled with two speeds forward and reverse capabilities.

Ford M1918-WWI-Tank-TWO VIEW

The lightest tank produced so far was made by Ford in 1918. The turret, which did not revolve, was equipped with a single medium machine gun. A steel tail fitted at a the rear was to enable the vehicle to traverse wide trenches.


Weight: 3 tons
Length: 14 ft.
Width: 6 ft.
Height: 6 ft.
Crew: 2
Primary Arms:
.30 caliber Browning machine-gun
Engine: 2x 45 hp Ford Model T engines
Power/Weight: 10.4 hp/ton
Operational Range: 35 miles
Speed: 8 mph

Ford WWI Tank advert

Ford M1918 WWI 3 ton light Tank on the   ready
With varied gear ratios in each of it's Model T engines, like the British 'Whippet', easy maneuvering and even skid turns could be flawlessly executed.
Ford M1918 WWI 3 ton light Tank fully restored and on display at public attraction
The Ford WWI Tank had a range of 34 miles with a fuel capacity of 17 gallons
Ford M1918 WWI 3 ton light Tank and Crew
Being one of the first light-weight tanks designed by the US, the M1918 tightly fit two men; a driver and a gunner. With the motor-operator in the center of the tank and the artilleryman at the front.
Ford M1918 WWI 3 ton light Tank on display
After being tested in France and judged to not have considerable value as a tank, the Ford M1918 was to be considered a light artillery tractor.
Ford M1918 WWI 3 ton light Tank parked
Although never used in combat, this experiment taught the allies an important lesson: with mass-produced, inexpensive tanks it would be possible to easily overpower the enemy by inundating them with armored trucks.

Each track featured a 4-cylinder water-cooled Model T engine for a combined horsepower of 90 and bringing it to speeds of up to 8 mph
Ford M1918 Light WWItank
The Ford M1918 Tank was painted in basic olive drab and because of it's light weight, had simple narrow treads.
Ford M1918 WWI 3 ton light Tank with .30 caliber Browning Machine Gun MG
The large forward facing hatch of the Ford Tank made things easy for the crew



Ford M1918 WWI Light Tank

Ford WWI Tank BETA model
This is a pic of my beta for the Ford light tank. I took advantage of this simple tank design to create a more 3-D track assembly. Also, the hatch can be made to open and close to reveal an optional interior of the driver's area (and or optional driver)..Richard Dery

Three ton Ford lightTank mired down in a trench
Ford Light tank WWI cardmodel
Finished Ford Light WWI Tank Downloable cardmodel by Fiddlersgreen designer, Richard Dery
Ford Light tank WWI cardmodel-front view
BobMartins Ford WWI Tank
Another Bob Martins Ford WWI Tank
Bob Martin's Ford WWI light Tank card model...left and above

Ford WWI Light tankDownloadable model from Fiddlersgreen

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Ford M1918 WWI Light Tank

Ford M1918 M-1918 WWI 3 Ton Light Tank