Peter Dobrynine's unique aluminium models

 Showing the 'Rivet Machine  Peter's Cessna 152
 The Sopwith Camel in Aluminium

ALUMINIUM MODELS from Fiddlers Green printouts....

Peter Dobrynine sent these photos of his aluminium models made with printer's offest aluminium plates. See below

Look, no paper, just pure aluminium, like the real thing!

All you have to do is print the model on a Averi din A4 sticker, stick it on
an offset plate, mark the rivets with this expensif Rivet-O-Matic
contraption, cut, glue with cyano super glue and then peel of the paper
using solvent if necessary... and its done. Very basic

As for the Sopwith Camel, its just one of my favorite aeroplanes. Reminds me
of Biggles I use to read when I was young a 150 years ago !

Regards, Peter

There is an easier, though more expensive method. Instead of using old
plates, have the printer shoot a negative from the design and burn a new
plate! Then you will have a brand new shiny plate with the design printed on
it! Working in a print shop as I do, I get it done at cost- but if you have
a friend in the industry, it's well worth it-make fantastic looking models!(Cardmodel Group Member, Bierce)

If you are interested Chip, I am a union sheetmetal worker by trade. I bought the models of the Fokker DR1, Sopwith Camel, Nieuport 28, and the SPAD 13. I then glued them to cereal boxes, cut them out, scribed them onto COPPER sheetmetal. I then broke them up instead of folding them, soldered them instead of gluing them, and used electrical wire for the struts and landing gear. I also used a pair of discs I soldered together and flared at the edges to accept an O-ring for the wheels. I am seriously considering buying your CD to have even more fun with sheetmetal. My next project will be the Messerschmidt 262 I downloaded free. Keep up the good work. One of your new fans, Robert