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Hanger-Private-Strip - $$4.95

This single plane hanger is part of the New England Collection. Includes an interior and includes several tiny airplane models: Aeronca Champ, Citabria, Ercoupe, Piper Cub and Tripacer. Even a grass strip. Works especially well in the Fiddlersgreen New England Village Layout

Aircraft Hanger for Private Field

Aircraft Hanger for Private Field

New England Model Village Airplane Hanger

The Fiddlersgreen New England Collection and Layout has just expanded by 30%.
and has been..JUST RELEASED !!

We've just added, to the New England Village Layout, a Connected Farm, Round Barn, Mark Twain's Study, A Village Church (and Hall), and lastly, this Airstrip and Hanger complete with 4 tiny airplane models (see below)..BTW,, The Main House in the Connected Farm is in fact, the Henry Ford Birthplace !!
(Piper Cub, Aeronca Champ , Ercoupe, and Citabria all with adorable little 4 inch wing spans)

Aircraft Hanger structure
The structure of a typical Airplane Hanger
Another example of a small airplane hanger
Aircraft Hanger for sailplane
The sailplane hanger...Just slide your sailplane out and ....

Notice this lovely British hanger has railing along the top. One of the most important requirements for an aircraft hangar is that it should have the widest possible door opening so as to be able to accommodate the biggest aircraft or a mixture of many types, large or small.
Aircraft Hanger in Metal
A metal hanger is quick and relatively inexpensive to erect
Aircraft Hanger structures wrecked by ashfall
Hangers at Clark Airbase with collapsed roofs due to ash fall

Aircraft Hanger for Private Field